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Legislative Advocacy

A Place That Changes Lives
At John Tyler Community College, we spend each and every day helping our students reach their goals. It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are. We are a college that’s helping Alexandria "Alex" Ritchie realize her dream of becoming a doctor. We are a community that’s offering Je'Mera Johnson and Samantha Daniel the resources they need to get ahead. We are faculty who are opening new doors for Jason Brown and Amber Staton. And, we are the staff who support students like Gloria Horne, who are returning to school to pursue new careers. These are only a few of the stories that inspire us to do everything we can to help our students grow and our community thrive.

Click here to learn more about the students who are part of our 2015 Student Delegation to the General Assembly.

Reaching Out to Legislators
On January 28 and February 5, our 2015 student delegation will meet with some of the legislators who serve the John Tyler Community College service region. During those meetings, our students will share their personal stories and will discuss how John Tyler Community College has benefited them and the community.

Virginia Community College's 2015 Legislative Priorities

Stackable workforce credentials are the higher education issue of our time. While bachelor’s and graduate degrees remain valuable they, alone, are no longer enough to position Virginia, or the people who live here, for the opportunities of the 21st century.

Virginia’s Community Colleges are pursuing a 2015 legislative agenda focused on helping more people obtain these credentials, which act as passports to today’s middle class.

Ensuring Veterans’ Service Counts
Virginia’s Community Colleges want to make it easier for veterans to get academic credit for military training applicable to his or her certificate or degree requirements. Over the past two years, 16 other states have already taken similar steps to ease the transition of retired, active duty and former military personnel to civilian education and careers.

Elevating Virginia’s Workforce Credentials
In order to lower the costs of training and instruction for students; enable community colleges to expand capacity; and meet the communities’ needs for more credentialed workers, the VCCS seeks to establish the Community College Workforce Training Grant Program. The $7.5 million proposal would put an additional 7,500 credentials in the Virginia economy by compensating a community college $1,000 when a student successfully completes an industry-recognized credential identified regionally as high demand by business and industry.

Expanding Access to Workforce Training
Antiquated rules keep most of today’s student financial aid out-of-reach from individuals pursing non-credit workforce training. That means these people are on their own when it comes to pursuing the credentials necessary for many of today’s most in-demand careers. The Governor’s introduced budget includes $1 million for need-based financial aid for students in non-credit workforce training.

Boosting Rural Virginia’s Competitiveness
The VCCS is pursuing matching funds to help spur investment in the Rural Virginia Horseshoe Initiative. Every dollar of the $1 million General Fund request would be matched by three private dollars, raised by the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education and the local foundations serving the RVHI pilot colleges.

Read more specifics about 2015 legislative agenda for Virginia’s Community Colleges.

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Governor Terry McAuliffe
Lieutenant Governor Ralph S. Northam
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How Can You Help?

  • Communicate with members of the General Assembly who represent your locality. To find your legislators and their contact information, please visit the Virginia General Assembly home page, and click on “Who’s My Legislator” (at the top of the page).
  • E-mail Holly Walker at if you would like to join the College delegation on future trips to the Virginia General Assembly.

Grow By Degrees
Grow By Degrees
The Grow By Degrees coalition believes investment in higher education in Virginia will help fuel and sustain economic growth in the Commonwealth. Learn more.

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