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Threat Assessment Team

Report a TAT Incident

Purpose and Mission of the Threat Assessment Team
John Tyler is concerned about the safety, health and well-being of all of its students, faculty and staff. The College has policies regarding the well-being for all members of the John Tyler community, including policies which address activities disruptive to the mission of the College as well as any suicidal or self-injurious threats or behaviors.

In adherence to Virginia Code 23-9.2:10, JTCC has established a Threat Assessment Team (TAT), comprised of representatives of Student Services, law enforcement, Security Services, Human Resources and faculty with experience in counseling/mental health. The team meets on a regular basis under the leadership of the dean of students and the security manager. 

The TAT is charged with addressing all reported behavioral incidents which occur on a John Tyler campus, off-site location or electronic site, including e-mail, blogs, and Blackboard postings. The TAT will ensure every referral is addressed.

The mission of the JTCC TAT is to facilitate a safe college community through a coordinated, systemic, collaborative, objective, unbiased, thoughtful, proactive approach with strong emphasis on prevention through identification of the potential threats, assessments of said threats, interventions, management and follow up of any and all situations that pose or are thought to pose potential threats to the safety and well-being of individuals on campus as well as to the College community. Any recommendations made by the TAT are sent to the vice president of learning and student success or designee for a decision. This decision shall be final in these cases. The student will be notified in writing. 

Frequently Asked Questions about TAT Referrals

What type of behavior warrants a referral?
Any self-injurious behaviors, suicidal ideation, erratic behaviors that disrupt teaching or College activities, or behaviors that might compromise safety should be referred. When in doubt, make the referral.

What do I do if I know an individual who may need to be referred to the TAT?
If you feel there is an immediate threat, dial 911 or call John Tyler Community College Security at 804-897-6678 (Midlothian) or 804-796-4025 (Chester).

To make a referral, go to the top or bottom of this page and click on “Submit an Incident Report.” You will be asked for basic information about the individual, how the TAT can contact you, and for a description of the incident or behaviors that prompted the referral.

Who can make a TAT referral?
Anyone who feels an individual associated with John Tyler is a threat to himself/herself and/or the College community can make a referral.

What happens after I make a referral?
The TAT members will take the information provided and make a recommendation regarding appropriate action.

How do I know if it is a TAT issue or if it is more appropriately handled by another campus resource?
You do not have to make this determination. If another campus resource is more appropriate, the TAT will refer the student and handle the transfer of information.

Report a TAT Incident


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