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Catching Up

It’s been some time since we posted on Brick by Brick, so I’m going to bring you up to date. Ray has been moved by Gilbane to the Altria Theater project. It’s on a fast, fast track to get ready for the upcoming fall season, so they need lots of eyes on the work.

The grading for the Academic Building is complete and the foundations will be completed this week. The masonry foundation walls for the “black box” theater are being erected now. The underground MEP is ongoing and will be completed in time for our first SOG (slab-on-grade) concrete placement by September 29. After that, we’ll begin erecting the structural steel, planned to begin the first week in October.

We’ve run into a bit of an issue with the Parking Deck, which should be resolved very soon. It required the collective effort of the Project Team to come up with a cost effective solution. We are in the process of redesigning portions of the foundations because we’ve hit rock at a higher elevation than anticipated. As soon as the redesign is completed by the AE, and approved by BCOM, we’ll begin that work.

I’ll try to keep the blog updated better than our recent efforts.

Ground Breaking

Century Concrete will began excavation for the building foundation today.  After excavating and removing the soil, the contractor will then set reinforcing steel in the foundation, which will then become part of the foundation once it is encased in concrete.  The reinforcing steel will be placed on steel “chairs” or 4″ concrete blocks to ensure that the steel is not in direct contact with the bottom of the foundation.  This will allow for concrete to totally encompass the reinforcing steel and will create a better, stronger structure.

The amount of time estimated to complete the foundation work is approximately 60 days.  So those on the Midlothian Campus will notice quite a few changes over the next month.  Once we complete sections of the foundation, another subcontractor will follow closely behind and start setting concrete masonry units (cmu) blocks.

Ahead of Schedule

The volleyball courts have been officiaily relocated to the front of Hamel Hall.  While the surroundings have changed, those that are enrolled in the upcoming semester of Volleyball will be able to show off their skills to the other students at JTCC.  Relocation of these courts has allowed us to move forward with the construction of our new Academic building and Parking Deck.

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