Coffee and Donut Runs It’s Not: Intern Responsibilities

When afforded an opportunity to enter into a company as an intern, one should not just look at the experience they will gain from their employment no matter how long or short, but also at what you are going to bring to the table for the employer.  Students often accept these positions believing that they will be sitting around filing paperwork, making coffee, picking up donuts, checking email or performing some small tasks without having to get deep into the project details.  While this may be the case in some industries, it does not apply to one entering the construction industry.

One should never expect that they will not be challenged or believe that the day begins at 8 am and ends by 5 pm.  Before one jumps into the construction industry, they should realize that some days start well before dawn and at times will end well after most of your friends have already been at the pool relaxing for the day.  Sometimes there are chances, when the project has been delayed, that you may have to work all day Saturday or even Sunday.

Construction is not for the faint of heart or those that get weary easily, for each day is a challenge and requires a lot of work.  If you are afraid of sweat, blood, high pressure or being pulled in five directions at every minute of the day, then construction may not be the place for you and your career.  One must realize that construction happens in the field and that buildings, roadways, and structures have to be built in the environment where it is never predictable.

While construction is not an easy profession, for those up to the challenges it is extremely rewarding.   For those who loved building forts, pushing the limits to construct something new or those who would build with Legos just to tear them apart to build something new every few hours, then it would a great field which to venture.


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