Erosion Control

As we progress through the project, we have started on an all-important phase: erosion and sediment control. We all have seen the videos warning against dumping into the waterways to protect the environment. Contractors are visited by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) throughout the life of the project. DEQ monitors the waterways to ensure that sediment runoff is not occurring on projects, and the proper erosion control measures are in place.

DEQ will visit the project prior to work starting, just after the contractor starts to clear and grub (removing tree stumps and root mat), after major storms and at other times just to monitor the effect of this work. While some contractor cringe at the sight of a DEQ inspector visiting the site, their role is important to ensure that we keep all runoff water clean and not pollute our waterways.

So when you see the silt fence (black fence approximately 2 feet high) or inlet protection (roll of straw in front of inlets for storm sewer), please understand that these items are there for a purpose.  They help keep the project clean and preserve our water for future generations. Use caution when encountering any of these items, for if you damage them then the contractor has to take time and resources to repair or replace this barrier.


Silt Fence (Black fence along the edge of the tree line)

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