Life of an Intern

Let me premise this by stating that this is my observation as a Summer Intern and that I have nearly two decades in the construction industry, therefore results may vary depending on life experiences, company and attitude.

The atmosphere which I have been exposed to at Gilbane has been a welcoming and encouraging to the interns.  Gilbane Building Company has exposed me to many opportunities and allowed me to take on responsibilities and ownership of my work which gives one room for growth.  One can learn quite a bit from college classes, but unless you are willing to jump into the field and learn why and how things actually work, then you are missing out on personal and professional growth.

Though my title may be one of Summer Intern, at no point have I been treated any differently or looked upon as someone without experience or knowledge for the project to which I have been assisgned, JTCC Phase III.  I have looked at this chance with Gilbane Building Company as a point in which to shine and give it my all.  These days and weeks can either make me or break me on how the future may develop, and if given an opportunity to move forward with this great company.  Being given the chance with Gilbane would only add fuel to the fire of my desire for continued growth.

Remember the popular saying: If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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