Safety: Everyone is Responsible

Having worked in the construction industry for nearly two decades, I have seen a lot of great contractors and some that are not so great.  No matter which contractor I was working with on a project, they all had a safety plan which was supposed to be implemented.  In the past, many companies would glance over their safety plan, hand out some paperwork, and let you go about your way.  Something that I have been greatly appreciative of while at Gilbane has been the importance of safety.

The Gilbane way is not just discussing the importance of safety, but the understanding that everyone has something to lose if a coworker is injured or dies from a construction accident.  This does happen, much too often.  Each one of those assigned to a Gilbane project is looked at as a person, and not just a body filling a position.  Before starting work on any project, one must watch a Safety Orientation video, complete a short quiz and sign a safety pledge.  Most companies would stop at this point, but Gilbane does not follow this line.

Every day, safety is reiterated and discussed.  There are Toolbox meetings every week by the subcontractors.  To prevent injuries, in the morning there is a short stretch and flex to loosen up the muscles and joints.  The environment is extremely pleasant and positive on Gilbane projects. Instead of yelling at someone for improper or missing equipment, they are approached and it is discussed to see if it was misplaced or damaged and can be replaced prior to moving on with the task at hand.  This attitude draws more people to wanting to work with and for Gilbane.

No matter one’s title on the project, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety of those around them.  It is the understanding that we are all part of a great team and by ensuring that our teammates are safe, it allows them to return home the same way they left, all in one piece

While nothing will completely eliminate accidents on construction sites, we all can make sure we are working safely and utilizing the proper equipment and not risking injury or death by attempting a short cut.  While “Gilbane Cares” may be seen as a catch slogan, the measure is seen by the actions of those throughout Gilbane, which shows they do care.

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