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Leadership Awards

The John Tyler Community College Foundation, Inc. and the Virginia Community College System are proud to recognize outstanding students, alumni and supporters with the following awards:

Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship
The Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Program was inaugurated in 2006 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). The program awards scholarships to first-time college students who plan to attend one of Virginia's 23 community colleges. The scholarships provide access to higher education for bright, hard-working young men and women with a commitment to leadership who would otherwise not have a chance to attend college. These merit-based scholarships are designed to be enduring legacies that will make the community college experience available to generations of deserving students. Learn more on the VCCS web site.

Year Scholarship Name Scholarship Recipient
2015 Michael R. White Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Hoa Pham
2014 Cameron Foundation Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Ali Muslem
2013 CJW Medical Center Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Tuyet-Nhi Dao, Matthew Wild
2012 Ronald D. Laux Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Austin Hayes
2011 Preston and Ann Leake Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Angelica Arias, Brandy Meador
2010 Bryce Jewett Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Elizabeth Tsiptsis
2009 Homer Eliades Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Jonathan Turman
2008 David O. Ledbetter Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Devon Cryille
2007 Margaret G. Lewis Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Artinsial Berry, Samantha Phillips
2006 William H. Talley, III Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship Julie Miller, Cara Parker

Trailblazer Award
The Foundation’s Trailblazer Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a student by the John Tyler Community College Foundation, Inc. The award, which was established as the Defining Your Future Award in 2006, is presented annually to a student for outstanding academic performance and volunteer service to the College. Selection is based on faculty and staff's belief in the future success of the student and the fact that the student will define the future of our institution and our nation.

2014 – Lane DeChristopher
2013 – Julianna Morgan
2012 – Gena Cruz
2011 – Walter Perry
2010 – Rebecca Parrott
2009 – Andrea Moncada
2008 – Kathryn Wicheta
2007 – Lindsay Meghan Edwards
2006 – Lori Butterworth

Rising Star Award
In 2006, the College announced the beginning of the John Tyler Alumni Association. It is the vision of the institution to honor our alumni and celebrate their successes through this association. The Alumni Association’s award, the Rising Star Award, is presented annually to a student whom faculty and staff believe will not only be an ambassador for the College but will also be distinguished in their chosen career. We believe that alumni can be a great asset and resource for the College by sharing their expertise with current students, opening doors in industry and being a John Tyler ambassador in our community.

2014 – Alexander Clark
2013 – Christopher Deloglos
2012 – Zachary Ochoa
2011 – Jonathan Turman
2010 – John Deng
2009 – Lisa Shupe
2008 – Sarah Swatosh
2007 – Michael Heitz
2006 – Melissa Pocock


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