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Student Mentoring Program

John Tyler has created a program to foster mentoring relationships between JTCC students and local business professionals.


  • Builds connections between students and the local business community
  • Aids students in developing appropriate career and educational goals
  • Helps students with entrepreneurial aspirations make effective decisions
  • Connects students' college experiences to the real world of work

Launched in fall 2014, the program initially focused on students in the College's Business Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Business Administration, Accounting, Heating and Air Conditioning, Electricity, Web Design, and Adult Home Administration programs, but all students are welcome to apply.

The program is based on one-on-one mentoring relationships that are structured and trusting.

Because relationships build over time, the duration and consistency of each mentoring relationship is very important. At a minimum, mentors and mentees should meet regularly at least two to four hours per month for at least an academic year.

Because the mentoring relationships forged in the JTCC program will be between adults, the adults can set their own parameters to meet their particular schedule and needs.

Benefits for Mentors

Mentor benefits may include:

  • Insights from the mentee's background and history
  • Satisfaction from sharing expertise with others
  • New momentum in their career

Mentee benefits may include:

  • Insights from the mentor's expertise
  • Important feedback in areas such as communications, technical abilities, interpersonal relationships, and leadership skills
  • Knowledge that is relevant to career and educational goals
  • A friendly ear with whom to share frustrations and successes

How the Program Works

  1. Apply to be a mentor or a mentee.
  2. Get matched to a mentor/mentee. Matches may or may not be within similar industries based on availability of volunteers. Access to all types of business expertise can be beneficial.
  3. Mentoring participants schedule a meeting.
  4. College staff will reach out for feedback.
  5. Mentoring participants continue to meet in a fashion that fits their schedules and needs.
  6. Celebrate the participants at an annual event.

Paper applications are also available. Contact Julie Ranson at, 804-706-5122 or 804-594-1492.


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