Placement Testing Requirements and Exceptions

Placement tests in English (sentence skills and reading) and mathematics are required for:
  1. A beginning student enrolling in or planning to enroll in a college-level course in mathematics or English composition or communications;
  2. Admission to all degree and certificate programs, as well as some career studies certificate programs (see the current college catalog for specific program admission requirements);
  3. A student enrolling in a course that requires English and/or mathematics proficiency as a prerequisite.  Note: The mathematics placement test is required before enrolling in business mathematics, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and allied health courses.
  4. Concurrent/home-schooled students. Such students planning to take transfer courses must test into ENG 111 and MTE 1, while those planning to take non-transfer courses must test into ENF 1 and MTE 1. Concurrent/home-schooled students are NOT allowed to enroll in any developmental courses at John Tyler Community College.
Exceptions to mandatory placement testing in sentence skills will be made only for:
  1. A student transferring from another accredited college to John Tyler Community College with a grade of “C” or better in a college-level English composition course.
Exceptions to mandatory placement testing in reading will only be made for:
  1. A non-degree-seeking student enrolling for personal satisfaction, to upgrade skills, or to transfer to another institution who maintains a GPA of 2.0 or better;
  2. A student seeking admission to a degree or certificate program who has completed a college-level course with a grade of “C” or better at John Tyler Community College or at another college or university accredited at the post-secondary collegiate level. Note: to be eligible for this exception, a student must have received a grade of “C” or better in a course that required textbooks and/or other reading materials written at the 13th-grade level (college freshman) or higher. Usually, courses in social sciences, history, humanities, literature, natural sciences, and business administration/management require books at this grade level.
Exceptions to mandatory placement testing in mathematics:
  1. All entering students must take or provide mathematics placement tests prior to enrolling in MTH 103-104, MTH 115-116, MTH 120, MTH 151-152, MTH 158, MTH 163-164, MTH 170, MTH 178, MTH 181-182, MTH 240, MTH 241-242, or MTH 273-274. A student who has completed a college-level mathematics course with a grade of “C” or better may enroll in MTH 103 or MTH 120 without testing;
  2. A student who has completed three semester hours or more of college-level algebra or calculus with grades of “C” or better should contact the academic dean of students for the Division of Mathematics, Natural and Behavioral Sciences for guidance regarding the possible waiver of the mathematics placement test for specific courses at John Tyler Community College.

Please note: The Testing Centers receive a large volume of calls, and with a limited staff, they are often able to process requests most quickly that are received via e-mail at

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