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Diversity and Inclusion

2015-2020 JTCC Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan pdf

2015-2020 JTCC Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

Diversity Statement:

John Tyler Community College embraces a culture of diversity and inclusion that empowers anyone from anywhere to be successful in their academic and professional pursuits. We strive to provide an environment that is enriching to all by understanding and appreciating our dimensions of diversity, becoming global citizens, and welcoming new ways of engaging the unique contributions of all people.

Diversity Defined:

John Tyler Community College defines diversity as the traditional categories of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, national origin, disability status, and all intersections of identity and cultural backgrounds.

Goals at a Glance:

Goal #1: Communicate the JTCC plan for diversity and inclusion to internal and external stakeholders in a way that is accessible and easily understood on an annual basis.

Goal #2: Increase the recruitment and hiring of a diverse workforce that reflects the JTCC service areas within the next 5 years.

Goal #3: Increase retention, advancement, and job satisfaction among the College’s diverse workforce over the next two years.

Goal #4: Establish at least one new partnership with an organization that will further the diversity initiatives of the College and its service region, annually, over the next five years.

Goal #5: Increase the number of JTCC sponsored activities within the College that celebrate diversity, enhance awareness, or promote engagement across diverse groups and issues by 30% over the next three years.

Goal #6: Ensure that recruitment, retention, graduation, and transfer of underserved and minority student populations at JTCC meet (or exceed by 10%) representation of the service area in five years.


2020-21 Council on Diversity and Inclusion Membership

Che Boisseau

Faculty Members        
Carol Carr
Colin Ferguson
Jaime Mergliano
Patricia Silva-Santisteban     
Rhodora Snow                          

Adjunct Faculty Member      
Angela Hall

Administrative Faculty
Mikell Brown     
Sandra Kirkland
Gabriel Scala      
Altrice Smith
Johanna Weiss   

Division of Learning and Student Success        
Michelle Stevens-Davis

Classified Staff            
Kara Armstrong
Robert Hicks      
Miles Keller        
Cherie Watts (Diversity Officer)    
Jere White
John Williams     

Student Representative        
Robyn Proctor     

CCWA Representative 
Nina Sims  

Ex Officio             
Susan Grinnan, Administrative Council Liaison        
Edward “Ted” Raspiller, College President         












The killing of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis was far from the first senseless and inexcusable act against Black citizens. But our hope is that it was society’s breaking point. It was certainly ours. Everyone must now accept the responsibility for change. And that includes our college community.

Learn more about our commitment to equity.


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