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Building and Room Namesakes

Building and rooms at John Tyler Community College have been named in honor of several influential individuals in the life of the College.

Bird Hall

Bird Hall at the Chester Campus was named in honor of state Sen. Lloyd C. Bird, who represented Chesterfield County. Sen. Bird was instrumental in securing funding from the Virginia General Assembly for the construction of John Tyler.

Eliades Hall

Eliades Hall, formerly known as the Academic Building at the Midlothian Campus, was named in honor of Mr. Homer Eliades.  Mr. Eliades, an attorney in Hopewell, was appointed to the John Tyler Community College Board in 1966.  At that time, he and a group of peers in Hopewell, recognizing the need for workforce development in that region, already had formed Hopewell College. After being appointed to the John Tyler Board, Mr. Eliades turned his attention to the formation of the new community college system and John Tyler Community College in particular. Mr. Eliades served on the John Tyler Community College Board for 14 years, and when the JTCC Foundation was formed, he became a founding Foundation Board member. Over the years, he helped the Foundation expand and provided it countless hours of pro bono legal services. Today, Mr. Eliades is a Member Emeritus of the Foundation Board.  In 2012, the time the new building name was announced, Mr. Eliades had given more than 45 years of uninterrupted service to the College.

Godwin Hall

Godwin Hall at the Chester Campus was named in honor of Gov. Mills E. Godwin Jr., who was governor of Virginia from 1966-1970. Gov. Godwin was the initiator of legislation purposing the development of a system of community colleges across the state. He was also acquainted with a number of the members on the initial College Board, and his influence and interest in John Tyler allowed the College to begin operation sooner than expected.

Goyne Hall

Goyne Hall on the Chester Campus was named in honor of Harold T. Goyne, who was chairman of the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors at the time of the founding of the College. He was extremely supportive of John Tyler and generously donated the land for the current location of the Chester Campus.

Hamel Hall

Hamel Hall, formerly known as the Science Building on the Midlothian Campus, was named in honor of Dr. Dana Hamel, the first chancellor of the Virginia Community College System. Dr. Hamel, who was chancellor until 1979, was appointed by Governor Mills E. Godwin, Jr. in 1966 to develop a network of two-year institutions that would provide educational opportunities to a variety of students by being conveniently located, affordable, and focused on technical training. That system evolved into the Commonwealth’s 23 community colleges, which now serve students through a variety of programs ranging from transfer degrees that allow students to seamlessly continue their college educations at four-year institutions to degrees and certificates that prepare students for immediate employment. Dr. Hamel also was instrumental in securing the land where John Tyler Community College’s original campus, the Chester Campus, now resides, giving the College the ability to open its doors in 1967.

The Lynn Theatre

Mike and Lynn White’s $250,000 gift to the John Tyler Community College Foundation in 2015 was a demonstration of their commitment to education and to the community. In honor of this gift, the College’s black box theatre on the Midlothian Campus will forever be named The Lynn Theatre. The Lynn Theatre provides students with a laboratory in which to learn the craft of acting along with the technical and business sides of theatre.  For more than a decade, Mike and Lynn have been enthusiastic members of the John Tyler family. In addition to their financial gifts of support, Mike generously donated his time to Tyler, serving as a board member and president of the JTCC Foundation. Education is a top priority for Lynn too, a former elementary school teacher, who continues to work with youth through a community tutoring program. Learn more about community offerings in The Lynn Theatre. 

Nicholas Center

The Chester Campus' Nicholas Center was named in honor of Dr. Freddie Warren Nicholas, Sr., who was president of John Tyler from 1979-1990. During his tenure, he was responsible for the expansion of the College due to his leadership, dedication and vision for the institution. Dr. Nicholas was also instrumental in revitalizing the John Tyler Community College Foundation.

Moyar Hall

Moyar Hall at Chester was named in honor of George Moyar, a member of the original College Board who passed away while serving on the Board. Because of Moyar's dedication and contributions to the initial growth of the institution, his fellow College Board members decided to acknowledge his impact on John Tyler by naming a building in his honor.

William H. Talley, III Center for Workforce Development

The William H. Talley, III Center for Workforce Development, at the Chester Campus, was named in honor of a long-time advocate of John Tyler Community College and Virginia’s community colleges. William H. Talley, III, of Petersburg, began his service to the college in 1986, when he joined the John Tyler Community College Foundation Board. He actively served on that board until December 2014. He also spent two terms, from 1993 – 2001, on the John Tyler Community College Board, during which he served as vice chairman and chairman. In 2009, Talley was appointed to a term on the State Board for Community Colleges. In addition to his work with these boards, Talley actively supported Tyler’s students through the establishment of the William H. Talley, III Endowed Scholarship; the Betty White Talley Endowed Scholarship; and the JTCC Endowment for Workforce Opportunity. His generosity and commitment to the college and its students earned him John Tyler Community College’s Homer C. Eliades Legacy Award in 2004, the Virginia Community College System’s Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy in 2006, and an honorary degree from Tyler in 2015.

Windham Auditorium

Windham Auditorium in Bird Hall on the Chester Campus is named in memoriam to Theresa Hands Windham, the College’s second Foundation Executive Director and the individual responsible for the Foundation as it exists today. Ms. Windham came to John Tyler in 1987 and immediately provided the catalyst for a rejuvenated Board of Directors. She worked tirelessly to expand the horizons of the Foundation Board and was instrumental in the institution obtaining two federal endowment challenge grants. Her leadership skills helped the Board begin to emphasize the importance of the endowment and her fundraising skills allowed the Foundation to substantially increase the corpus of its existing endowment. The Board doubled in size during her tenure by adding senior executives from prestigious Richmond-based corporations and interested private citizens with the affluence to assist the College. Ms. Windham passed away in 1993 following a brief illness. The auditorium was named in her honor later that same year.


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