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Mission and Vision

The people of John Tyler Community College are driven daily to serve the needs of our students and our community. We have a clear mission and vision for ourselves, and together, we accomplish great things.

Mission Statement
John Tyler Community College provides quality educational opportunities that inspire student success and community vitality.

Vision Statement
A success story for every student.

College Goals

  1. To enhance and promote excellence in teaching and learning.
  2. To provide access to educational opportunities for persons from all segments of society.
  3. To provide a comprehensive program of student development services.
  4. To develop and foster mutually beneficial relationships with external constituencies to meet the educational and economic needs of the region.
  5. To provide excellent administrative services, fostering accountability and efficiency.
  6. To administer integrated and transformative institutional assessment and planning processes.
  7. To maximize external funding to support the mission of the College.
  8. To strengthen a positive image of the College and effectively promote services and programs to the community.
  9. To encourage a positive organization, which attracts and retains a diverse and highly competent workforce.

Code of Ethics

  • We are committed to learning environments that foster academic integrity.
  • We will be good stewards of our resources and make effective and efficient use of them, thereby ensuring accountability to the Commonwealth of Virginia and to the communities we serve.
  • We will maintain the confidentiality and security of information entrusted to us and share information only when authorized or required by law to do so.
  • We will not accept any gift, favor, loan, service, business or professional opportunity from anyone knowing (or when it should be known) that it is offered in order to improperly influence the performance of our public duties. We will avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  • We will offer good faith and fair dealings to all those we serve and to each other. Our communications will be civil and professional.
  • We will offer employment opportunities in accordance with state, federal and system policies supporting the rights and recognizing the needs of all citizens regardless of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or political affiliation.
  • We encourage and expect all members of the community to act in good faith and bring to the attention of the appropriate official any violation or potential violation of these principles.

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