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Student Spotlight: Alicia Alvarez

Posted on April 02, 2019

By Holly Walker

Alicia Alvarez understands frustration, and she understands possibility. She witnessed frustration firsthand as her youngest sister, who had a speech impediment, struggled to be clearly understood. She learned about possibility when her sister found her voice thanks to the compassion and skill of a speech pathologist. Alicia, who also watched two other siblings overcome speech impediments, quickly realized the world of speech pathology is full of nuanced methods, and she was intrigued. Her fascination with the field stayed with her for years, and when she went to college, the possibility of a career in speech pathology emerged in an unexpected way. Alicia was in her first semester at a four-year university, unsure of what major and career to pursue. During a class, she took a career survey and was stunned to see what sat at the top of the list for her best-fit careers: speech pathology. Alicia says she knew instantly that this was the right career choice for her. The university she was attending did not offer the major, so she decided to transfer to John Tyler Community College and enrolled in the General Studies, Science Specialization degree. Alicia knew about the college from her mother, who had graduated from Tyler years earlier. Alicia liked Tyler’s affordability, transfer degrees and guaranteed admission agreements that put students on the road to a bachelor’s degree. She also loved the feel of the campus and the diversity of the people who make up the college community. Her love for the college inspired her to immerse herself in student life and to run for the Student Government Association presidency, which she won. She also became one of Tyler’s student ambassadors, and earlier this year, she was part of the student group representing Tyler during visits to the General Assembly. Alicia says her Tyler experience is building a great foundation for her future, which she hopes includes transferring to Longwood University for its language and speech pathology program.

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