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Student Spotlight: Aimy Simbi

Posted on April 16, 2019

By Holly Walker

Aimy Simbi moved around a lot while growing up. Her mother worked for the United Nations and that job took Aimy’s family to different parts of the world. Along the way, Aimy learned about different cultures, learned new languages and gained a global perspective. She also learned a lot about herself and her interests. Aimy says for as long as she could remember, she loved the performing arts, and she loved books. As an avid reader, she explored a number of subjects and soon found herself drawn to one in particular: the law. She knew that was the career for her, but she worried about the cost. So, she put together a plan for her education. First: earn a degree in accounting or business. Second: work in that field for a year, and save money for her next step. Third: go to law school to study corporate law. Ready to execute her plan, Aimy packed her bags, prepared to go to college in Georgia. But, one conversation between her mother and a Tyler alum put those plans on pause. Aimy says the Tyler alum happened to mention transferring to the University of Virginia from Tyler. When Aimy learned about the conversation, she was intrigued. She began researching Tyler and scheduled a tour of the campus. Aimy says what she found out about Tyler and what she experienced while on campus prompted her to change her college plans. She immediately filled out an application, registered for classes, and got immersed in college life. Aimy is now majoring in Business Administration and is active if student life at Tyler. She became one of the college’s student ambassadors, and earlier this year, she took part in a student group that represented Tyler during visits to the General Assembly. Aimy says when she graduates from Tyler, she hopes to transfer to the University of Virginia or the College of William and Mary. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she plans to go to work and then head to law school.  

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