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Tyler professor publishes book about making a successful transition to college

Posted on May 01, 2019

By Andrea Almoite

Getting into college takes plenty of hard work, but understanding your professors’ expectations when you arrive can be even more challenging to navigate.

“Will This Be on the Test?,” a new book from Tyler biology professor Jennifer Price and her mother Dana Johnson, a retired faculty member at William and Mary, aims to help ease the transition from high school to college.

“My mother and I have both worked with many students who have struggled because they did not understand the expectations of college professors or the format of a college class, and were unaware of the many academic differences between high school and college,” Price said. “We wrote the book because we found ourselves repeating the same advice many times, and we could only reach the students who were willing to come to office hours to chat about their study habits.”

Now, Price and Johnson’s advice on building relationships with professors, using the syllabus to your advantage, writing a paper, taking your first online course, and developing strong study skills is available for all high school students and their parents to assist them with understanding and adjusting to college academics.

“Will This Be on the Test?” is available for purchase on Amazon, and a copy of the book can also be checked out of the Tyler library. Congratulations Jennifer and Dana on its publication!

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