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Student Spotlight: Matthew Holmes

Posted on May 02, 2019

By Holly Walker

Matthew Holmes describes himself as a builder – in all senses of the word. He likes to physically construct structures, and he also enjoys creating solutions and framing ideas into plans of action. Matthew’s love for building emerged when he was a child. With each project, he considered the reason why he wanted to make the item; looked for ways to repurpose materials he already had; and if more supplies were needed, figured out ways to obtain them. In going through these processes, Matthew discovered he had a knack for creative problem-solving. He considered ways to he could use those skills in a future career, and he soon decided he wanted to build something else: his own business. As he wrapped up his high school coursework, Matthew, who was homeschooled, analyzed his college options. After receiving recommendations from friends and conducting his own research, he landed on John Tyler Community College. Matthew said Tyler’s nearby location, scholarship opportunities, support services, and program options are allowing him to take the classes he needs for his first two years of a bachelor’s degree, all at an affordable price. Soon after starting classes, Matthew became active in student life. He is now one of Tyler’s student ambassadors, and he took part in the student group that represented the college during visits to the General Assembly. Once he completes his General Studies degree at Tyler, Matthew plans to continue his education at Liberty University, where he wants to study business and construction. 

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