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Graduate Spotlight: Jordan Nurney

Posted on May 08, 2019

By Holly Walker

History and social studies fascinate Jordan Nurney. She is intrigued by the people, their stories and their cultures; by the events that occurred and the impacts they had on society; and by the lessons from the past that can be learned today. For as long as she can remember, Jordan has dreamed of becoming a teacher so she can share those lessons with the next generations of students. But, she questioned whether she could be a good instructor. With the encouragement of one of her high school teachers and the support and education she’s gained at John Tyler Community College, Jordan is another step closer to moving from student to teacher.

While in high school, Jordan questioned her long-held goal of becoming an educator, wondering if it would be a good fit for her. After receiving advice and encouragement from one of her teachers, Jordan decided to explore the field, taking a Teachers for Tomorrow class. That experience confirmed she was on the right career pathway. However, her road to a teaching degree took an unexpected detour, when her plans for college changed. That change in direction brought Jordan to John Tyler Community College. The college was not Jordan’s first choice, but she says, it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. She jumped into her classes and says she never looked back. The small class sizes gave her the opportunity to get to know her instructors and to study their teaching styles. She made connections, forged new friendships, and became active in student life, which included becoming a student ambassador, and taking part in the college’s student groups that visit the General Assembly. Jordan says her time at Tyler has unlocked many doors of opportunity, and she is grateful for the experience. Now, as she celebrates the completion of her associate degree in Liberal Arts, Secondary Teacher Education in History Specialization, Jordan is already making plans for what’s next up. She has been accepted to James Madison University, where she hopes to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in teaching. After that, Jordan would like to return to her alma mater, James River High School, to teach history, and she hopes to one day have the opportunity to teach in Europe. #Tyler2019

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