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Graduate Spotlight: Cassandra Morris

Posted on May 22, 2019

By Holly Walker

Cassandra Morris’s interest in business started at a young age, and when she began pursuing her college education, she imagined herself one day working in the world of finance or management. But, a camera, a laptop, and one business class at John Tyler Community College sparked an idea that brought her future into focus. 

When Cassandra was in middle school, she was fascinated with taking photos and making videos. She saved her money, bought a camera, eventually got a laptop, and enjoyed being creative. When the time came to think about her future, however, she decided to turn her attention to her other interest: business. After graduating from high school, she enrolled in Tyler’s Business Administration program. Cassandra says the choice was an easy one because the college was well-known in her school as a smart, economical choice. During her first year at Tyler, Cassandra took an introduction to business course and learned the basics of making a business plan. The concepts stuck with her, and as she worked at her summer job, an idea began to form. Cassandra wondered if she could put her creativity, her laptop and her camera to work. She sat down, thought about what she had learned in class, and began putting together a plan, outlining what it would take to start her own business. Soon after, her photography company was born. She made up business cards, took photos of her friends and held mini photo shoots to start her portfolio. She then started getting hired to photograph weddings. As Cassandra pushed to get her business off the ground, she continued taking classes, and for a year, she juggled the demands of both. In December 2018, Cassandra completed her degree at Tyler, and she is now fully focused on her company, which is its second year of operation. It’s been a whirlwind, and Cassandra is still amazed at the direction her life has taken. “I didn’t realize I could be or would want to be an entrepreneur,” she says. “My father, who has always been an entrepreneur, would tell me I would someday be my own boss. I didn’t believe it.” But, Cassandra believes it now, and she’s excited about what the future holds. She recently travelled to New York and to Los Angeles to assist another photographer with wedding shoots, and she looks forward to continuing to grow her business. Cassandra says she’s thankful for Tyler and for the business class helped her find her dream, and she’s grateful to her family and friends who have supported her along the way. #Tyler2019

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