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Student Spotlight: Llana Sidbury

Posted on June 13, 2019

The desire to help people in need drives Llana Sidbury. She wants to comfort, guide, and protect those who might otherwise not be heard.  Llana says she realized she wanted to turn that passion into a career in social services after spending seven years in the U.S. Army. During that time, she worked in human resources, and every day, she assisted people in a variety of ways. So, when she transitioned out of the military, she returned home to North Carolina and enrolled in a university. At the end of the first semester, Llana realized the institution was not right for her. She began considering her options and remembered hearing about John Tyler Community College when she was stationed in Virginia. So, she decided to check out the college. Llana said the advisors welcomed her, and she immediately felt comfortable. So, she quickly enrolled and signed up for the Human Services program. Along the way, she became a mother, and she says Tyler’s faculty and staff helped her make a plan that allowed her to balance the demands of school and family. Llana says she also likes Tyler’s class sizes and loves the community she’s found at the college. She’s become a student ambassador, so she can tell other prospective students about Tyler, and she took part in the college’s annual student visits with legislators during the 2019 General Assembly session. Although she’s enjoying her time at Tyler, Llana is planning ahead. Once she graduates with her associate degree, she wants to transfer to the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she will study social work with a focus on gerontology. Llana says her ultimate goal is to become a voice for the elderly, to make sure they are treated with dignity and respect and are cared for properly at senior facilities.

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