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Student Spotlight: Corey Rennie

Posted on July 11, 2019

By Holly Walker

Corey Rennie is an explorer. His interests are so vast that he finds it hard to pick just one direction in which to go. After being homeschooled and earning his GED, Corey joined the Virginia Air National Guard. Through the guard, he was able to get training, earn a paycheck, serve his country, and explore some interests. At the same time, he started considering future careers. Believing college would not be a good fit, Corey decided to go directly to work. He tried out different fields, but nothing felt quite right, leaving him unsatisfied in his work life. He decided he needed to make a change that would expand his career opportunities, so he began looking at colleges, and he landed on John Tyler Community College. Corey thought Tyler would be a good place to begin. He liked the college’s program options, and he felt Tyler would be welcoming to a student who was starting college a little later in life. Corey admits that when he walked into the door, he had no idea which major to pursue. So, he began exploring, and that led to a discovery: an interest in mass communications. Now, Corey is working on an associate degree in General Studies, Mass Communications Specialization and participating in activities such as Tyler’s student trips to the General Assembly. Corey says he’s excited about all the possible directions his future career can take him, and after graduating from Tyler, he plans to transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University to study public relations. 

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