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Students design logo for local United Way program

Posted on January 09, 2020

Student-designed logo for Workforce Partnership Team of United Way

No matter the subject, Tyler faculty work to equip our students with skills they can utilize in the workforce. Sometimes an opportunity arises to take that mission one step further, to give students real-world experience while they pursue their studies.

Such as the case when members of the Workforce Partnership Team (WPT) of the United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg approached Tyler art professors Chava Maimon and Stephanie Saccone to see if their students could design a logo for their program. WPT is an umbrella organization for all non-profits in Central Virginia who serve the workforce through such areas as job readiness, financial counseling, education and transportation; by gathering individuals from different organizations together, they aim to strengthen the region’s workforce system for job seekers, practitioners and employers. 

“We were contacted by Mary Pat Hudgins from the Community College Workforce Alliance and Jonathan Gedeon from Humankind; they both work with WPT and are strong supporters of the community college system,” said Saccone. “They wanted to give our students a chance to participate in something meaningful on a community level, while building their portfolio.”

WPT offered a cash prize for the top submission from each of the two classes and a design internship to the student whose logo was selected to be used by WPT.

Maimon, who teaches graphic design, and Saccone, who teaches typography, met with Hudgins and Gedeon in advance to discuss details such as the audience, message, and tagline before assigning their classes the logo project. “Mary Pat and Jonathan came to both of our classes to make a presentation about WPT and made themselves available to our students if they wanted to interview them to get additional details,” Saccone said. The students worked individually for about three weeks, using background materials provided by WPT, in addition to their own research and interviews with Hudgins and Gedeon.

The students’ final designs were forwarded to WPT, who selected Claire Irick from Maimon’s class, and Chaella Dent from Saccone’s class as the winners of the cash prizes. Dent’s logo was selected as the overall winner.  

“This was a great opportunity to work with a real client as opposed to a class assignment and I was excited my design was selected as one of the winners,” said Irick.

“The WPT connects many different organizations, and we were given a lot of great information about the team and its values. Figuring out how to distill all of that into one logo was a fun challenge,” said Dent. “I hope the internship will give me a solid foundation to build off of as I make decisions about my career in graphic design and plan for the future.”

“This project was a strong vote of confidence in our Tyler graphic design students,” said Saccone. “WPT could have used the United Way’s professional design services but felt confident that they would get first quality work here as well.”

“They took a great deal of time and trouble to arrange this, and we feel they were rewarded with a great logo as well as the opportunity to spread the word about WPT and Tyler.”

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