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New Texting Program Offers Nudges toward Completion

Posted on October 30, 2017

By Holly Walker 

At times, college can seem a bit overwhelming – especially for students who are working, helping family and juggling other responsibilities while going to class and studying. John Tyler Community College understands that its students often find themselves trying to balance learning and their lives outside of the classroom. So, in addition to ensuring students receive a great education, the college continually looks for ways it can support students as they work toward their goals. These resources for students come in many forms: free tutoring; library services; advising; financial aid; scholarships; and student clubs, interest groups, and activities – just to name a few. 

Recently, Tyler became one of only four colleges nationwide to receive a $50,000 grant from Jobs for the Future. The grant is allowing Tyler to team up Persistence Plus to launch a pilot program designed to help first-year, program-placed students complete their majors and move into a rewarding career. The program, Nudging to STEM Success, uses mobile technology and behavioral science to encourage students to remain in college and to take steps that can move them forward on their paths to graduation.
Starting this fall, first-year, program-placed students at Tyler are receiving text message nudges to help them navigate challenges they may be facing, offer them tidbits of advice, and motivate them to make decisions that will keep them on a path to graduation. The platform allows for student responses, ensuring those who need additional support can get it. 

The grant-funded pilot program will continue through December 2018.

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