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John Tyler Community College Students Inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

Primary Media Contact:

Holly Walker
Public Relations Manager

Secondary Media Contact:

Heather Busch
Creative Services Manager

Released on April 10, 2018

CHESTER and MIDLOTHIAN, Va. – John Tyler Community College proudly welcomed 83 new members to the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society during an induction ceremony at the College’s Chester Campus on April 6, 2018.  Phi Theta Kappa recognizes the academic achievements of community and junior college students. To be eligible for membership in John Tyler Community College’s Phi Theta Kappa chapters, students with 24-45 credit hours need to have a minimum GPA of 3.75, while those with more than 45 credit hours must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5. 

John Tyler Community College’s two Phi Theta Kappa chapters, Tau Rho and Beta Omicron Omicron, inducted the following new members (zip codes appear in parentheses):

Tau Rho Chapter

Julia Bailey (23860)
Haywood Baugh (23231)
Kourtney Baumfalk (23120)
Nedira Brown (23831)
Gregory Bucknam (23236)
Daphne Campbell (23237)
Jacob Compton (23139)
Mariah Deal (23831)
Ashley DeHart (23838)
Candice Dodd (23831)
Helen Drivick (23235)
Ashley Floyd (23836)
Christina Foust (23112)
Patrick Glynn (23832)
Kenya Grice (23237)
Valerie Hadaway (23831)
Arlene Kidd (23225)
Hannah Landry (23831)
Andrea Mullins (23831)
Jean Murphy (23832)
Sherry Oglesby (23231)
Carrie Parnell (23237)
Larry Reynolds (23860)
Anna Robertson (23047)
Connie Robinson (23224)
Eutopia Rogers (23860)
Roselin Saye (23840)
Jaclyn Shaffer (23113)
Megan Stewart (23838)
Rachel Trainor (23831)
Christopher Walker (23834)
Jennifer Waters (23139)
Belinda Wright (30253)

Beta Omicron Chapter

Heather Anderson (23832)
Andrew Bell (23114)
Elaina Buie (23060)
Amanda Burry (23236)
Janay Cameron (23114)
Emma Capps (23059)
Eric Carlson (23236)
Laurie Carlson (23236)
Brittany Carpenter (23834)
LaKeita Clark (23040)
Nina Copeland (23235)
Andrew Craig (23233)
Melissa Denisco-Morici (23120)
Kylie Dimattio (23236)
Emerson Doner (23114)
Hannah Emanuele (23103)
Lauryn Evans (23838)
Joy Flowers (23112)
Christine Franke (23236)
Tabitha Frazier (23116)
Betty Gentry (23236)
Laura Griffith (23236)
Erika Hetrick (23236)
Jessica Hevener (23235)
Ramzy Hudson (23832)
Aya Khattab (23235)
Palmer Korpal (23235)
Jessica Lessnau (23112)
Elizabeth Lowry (23832)
Robert Manderbaugh (23139)
Brenna McCormick (23238)
Sean Minogue (23112)
Cheryl Moore (23832)
Cassandra Morris (23236)
Aleyna Motsett (23112)
Joselin Ollarves (23832)
Kisha Peat (23860)
Kenneth Richardson (23112)
Mary Robinson (23838)
Stephen Rogers (23113)
Samuel Scott (23236)
Bryce Sizemore (23836)
Ciara Noelle Smith (23832)
Laura Spaulding (23112)
Alexzane Taylor (23832)
Zambia Taylor (23803)
Danielle Tolford (23236)
Luc Tran (23114)
Amanda Waddell (23112)
Jeffrey Walker (23234)
Madeline Wright (23139)

John Tyler Community College offers more than 60 majors that provide pathways to careers in high-demand fields; transfer opportunities to four-year colleges and universities; and industry credentials and licensures. The college, with campuses in Chester and Midlothian, a Nursing Education Center, online classes, and off-campus classrooms, served more than 13,900 students during the 2016-17 academic year. It also assisted nearly 6,000 learners and more than 200 companies and organizations through its workforce development division, Community College Workforce Alliance. 

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