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Financial Aid News

Posted on June 08, 2018

By Ericka Aikens 

We know applying for financial aid can be a complex process. Some recent changes to the Student Information System (SIS) are designed to help simplify and enhance your experience.

  • Online Forms: Some of the forms required for financial aid can now be completed directly in SIS and do not require a paper form. You will simply type the information in the fields and click “submit” for it to be sent to Financial Aid for processing.
  • Form/Document Uploads: Some of the forms and documents that can’t be completed online can be uploaded directly into SIS. You can scan your document and import it directly into the “To Do List” item on SIS. This is the most secure method of submitting documents.  For detailed instructions on how to upload documents into SIS, visit our Financial Aid Forms web page
  • SIS Message Center: The Financial Aid Office will no longer use e-mails as the primary method for communicating with you. Instead, messages will be placed in your SIS Message Center. This is located at the top of your Student Center in SIS. With this change, all of your financial aid messages will be located in one place, eliminating the risk of them getting lost among your other e-mails. You will, however, still receive e-mails, alerting you to messages that are waiting for you in SIS. 
  • Enhanced To Do List: All of the items on your SIS “To Do List” will be displayed in bold type when they are assigned. When the Financial Aid Office receives a submitted item, the bold type will be removed from the item on your “To Do List.”  Once processing of an item is completed, it will be removed from your “To Do List." With this enhancement, you will always know which stage the item is in in the financial aid process.

Don’t forget: If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to renew your aid for 2018-2019. You can complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2018-2019 academic year by visiting Remember to include John Tyler’s school code 004004, so Tyler’s Financial Aid Office will receive your application. 

If you have any questions, please contact the 24/7 Financial Aid and Student Account Support Center at 1-855-874-6684 or

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