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Parking Decal For Students, Faculty, and Staff

Parking Decals will be available beginning Fall Semester 2019

JTCC issues two types of parking decals:

  • Student
  • Faculty & Staff

Parking Decals for Students

The procedures to obtain parking decals are as follows: 

  • Access online form
  • Complete the form and all required fields
  • Parking Decal(s) can be picked up at your primary campus location at the primary Security posts (Midlothian Admin Bldg and Chester Nicholas Desk)  within 5 business days 
  • You must provide a JTCC identification card

All individuals parking on the Midlothian or Chester Campus without a parking decal are subjected to the posted parking fees.

Decals are used college-wide and must be properly displayed in one of two locations on your vehicle:

  • On the rear bumper
  • Outside the rear window

It is the vehicle operator's responsibility to ensure that an official JTCC parking decal is current and properly displayed on the vehicle at all times. Failure to display a current decal may result in your vehicle being ticketed or towed at the owner's expense. Parking decals are issued by the Security Services Department at each campus. 

Parking Decals for Faculty and Staff

The procedures to obtain a parking decal are as follows:

  • Human Resources will provide employee a parking registration form for completion
  • Submit completed form to Human Resources on your assigned primary campus location. 
  • Parking Decal(s) will be sent to you by interdepartmental mail or may be picked up at your primary campus location at the Human Resources office within 5 business days. Employees will receive a decal that will remain valid for two consecutive fiscal years. 
  • Faculty and Staff decals must be properly displayed in one of two locations on your vehicle:  
    • On the rear bumper
    • Outside the rear window

Parking Regulations

  • No parking is permitted in handicapped designated areas except as approved by DMV.
  • No parking is permitted in yellow painted areas or any other area, which is not marked with a line to indicate parking.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to occupy two parking spaces.
  • No parking is permitted in the loading dock area, except for loading and unloading vehicles. Vehicles must be moved immediately after loading and unloading.
  • No parking is allowed in driveways, exits or entrance areas, the alley, or grassy areas on any college parking lots.
  • Everyone must strictly follow all college parking regulations and traffic signs. A violation of any college parking regulation may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.


  1. Parking in a handicapped zone $75.00
  2. Parking in a loading zone $15.00
  3. Improper Parking $10.00
  4. Parking in fire lanes $25.00
  5. Parking in faculty/staff space $10.00
  6. Double Parking $10.00
  7. Parking in a visitor space $10.00
  8. Parking in a state vehicle space $15.00
  9. No parking/prohibited zone $10.00

Instructions for Payment and Appeal Procedures

Payment by mail

  1. Send check or money order payable to JTCC. Include employee ID, address, and telephone number on the check.  Do not send cash.
  2. Include late fee of $10.00 if citation is over fourteen (14) calendar days old.
  3. Include completed citation with full name, address and Empl ID written in the spaces provided.  
  4. Mail payment to: 

John Tyler Community College
Business Office
13101 Jefferson Davis Highway
Chester VA  23831-5316

Payment in person

Bring completed citation to the JTCC Business Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.


Bring completed citation to the Security Services Department Chief of Security.  Obtain and fill out an appeal form.  After the traffic committee meets, you will be notified by mail of their decision.  If you purchased a valid parking permit prior to the date of this ticket, you must indicate the permit number, date purchased, and expiration date on your appeal form. 

Appeals that are not initiated within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date a ticket is issued will not be honored. 

Failure to pay or appeal a parking citation within fourteen (14) calendar days from date of issue will result in an additional late fee of $10.00 being imposed.  Unpaid fines will result in all records being placed on hold, preventing registration for classes and denial of all services.  Persons who have unpaid citations are subject to being denied the opportunity to register for classes and receive transcripts.  Unpaid fines are subject to policies of the Commonwealth of Virginia Debt Set-Off Program.


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