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Reporting an Emergency

Call 911, or call the appropriate security number below. Note: If you call 911, you must still report the incident to College Security Services. You may also contact Security Services by using one of the indoor security call boxes located in each building on the Chester and Midlothian campuses or by using one of the outdoor security call boxes in the parking lots at both campuses.

Security Services Contact Information

If using a campus phone, dial 9 first. Note: If your call is not immediately answered, do not hang up. The security officer may be handling other calls or may be away from the desk. If he/she is away from the desk, your call will forward to the cell phone carried by the officer.


Chester Campus


Desk locations:
Godwin Hall  – lobby
Goyne Hall  – lobby
Moyar Hall – 1st floor near M101, 2nd floor near M221
Nicholas Center – lobby

Midlothian Campus


Desk locations:
Administration Building – 1st floor lobby
Eliades Hall – 2nd floor next to E215
Hamel Hall – 1st floor in H113 (near H109)
T Building – 1st floor lobby


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