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Institutional Effectiveness

JTCC is committed to quality enhancement through continuous assessment and improvement processes and practices. A robust planning, assessment and evaluation structure links the college with the goals of the Virginia Community College System while serving the college’s local constituents. For more information see the below:

  1. Strategic Plan 2015-2021 homepage Strategic Plan 2015-2021 dashboard

  2. Student Achievement Data
  3. Manuals
    1. Combined Planning, Assessment, and Evaluation Manual for Administrative and Student Support Services Units
    2. Assessment—Academic SLOs
    3. Evaluation—Academic—5 year program review
  4. Fact Books
  5. Instructional Program CIP Mapping
  6. Gainful Employment Programs
  7. SCHEV Institutional Profile, including graduation rates

Strategic Planning diagram. Planning, Assessment, and Evaluation of Budget and Resource Allocation and staying Data-Informed.


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