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Developmental English

What you need to know

All developmental English courses are offered as ENF—also called English Fundamentals—and combine developmental writing and reading.

Here is how it works ...

Course name and structure:

  • All courses use the ENF designation. Look for ENF 1, ENF 2 and ENF 3 in the schedule.
  • ENF stands for English Fundamentals, which refers to courses that integrate reading and writing skills.
  • Course structure:
    ENF 1: Preparing for College English I (8 credits)
    ENF 2: Preparing for College English II (4 credits)
    ENF 3: Preparing for College English III (2 credits)
  • If you place into ENF 1, you must co-enroll into SDV 100 (1 credit) for 9 credits total.
  • If you place into ENF 3, you must co-enroll into ENG 111 (3 credits) for 5 credits total.
  • Placement by the Virginia Placement test determines which ENF course you enroll in.

Quick Path to College-level Courses:

The ENF courses allow for a single semester path to college-level courses.

College-level English Course Preparedness Corresponding to ENF Placement
If you have succesfully completed You are prepared for
ENF 1 ENG 111* or ENG 115
ENF 2 ENG 111* or ENG 115
ENF 3 ENG 112 (if required)

*Faculty placement will determine whether or not you will need to co-enroll in ENF 3 with ENG 111.

Placing into ENF Courses:

The English department recommends that you take the Virginia Placement Test. 
However, COMPASS scores taken in the past two years and SAT placements are also accepted.  Talk to your advisor for more information on this.

For more information, contact your academic advisor or the Advising Center.


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