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Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program at John Tyler Community College allows high school students to enroll in courses for which they earn both high school and college credit. Classes are offered in traditional academic areas as well as business and technology. Most dual enrollment courses are held at the high school and follow the high school’s calendar and schedule. Students 18 years or under may also enroll in on-campus John Tyler courses with the permission of the Dean of Students and are considered concurrently enrolled. Concurrent students are required to meet with a member of the John Tyler Advising Center staff to determine their eligibility and select their courses.

Dual enrollment students are able to:
  • Explore career interests
  • Get a jump-start on their college careers
  • Earn both high school and college credit
  • Transfer applicable college credit to most 4-year colleges and universities in Virginia

The tools to succeed

Earning college credit while still in high school saves students time and money. Credit earned for many dual-enrollment courses may be applied toward a degree or certificate once the student is enrolled in college. Students should consult the individual institution’s transfer guide to determine which courses will transfer.

Dual-enrollment classes maintain the same high-quality educational standards as those taught on campus at John Tyler Community College. Teachers are required to have credentials that are comparable to college instructors and use textbooks and syllabi that are aligned with the college curriculum. Check with your guidance counselor to learn about the specific dual enrollment offerings at your school.

Advantages to taking dual-enrolled courses:

  • Saves time and money
  • May shorten the time to post-secondary degree completion
  • Gives students early exposure to the academic rigors of a college-level course


High school juniors and seniors that meet the College’s academic requirements for the program may enroll in dual-credit coursework. Students must achieve a satisfactory score on the appropriate college placement tests, as well as provide the institution with a letter of permission to enroll from their principal or designee.

To be eligible for dual enrollment coursework, students must:
  • Earn a “C” or better in any prerequisite class and meet the John Tyler Community College academic requirements for the course
  • Complete John Tyler Community College’s application process and meet required minimum test scores
  • Obtain permission to enroll from both the parent and high school

Application process

To be placed in a dual enrollment class, students must meet all college prerequisites and complete the Virginia Community College Systems (VCCS) online application. Instructions on how to complete the online application are available. Upon completion of the online process, students are required to print and return the application summary to their high school guidance counselor. Returning students do not need to resubmit an online application.

Interested students should meet with their guidance counselor to determine their eligibility for coursework and if college placement tests are required. Qualified students will receive a college registration packet from their guidance counselor. Completed packets should be returned to the high school guidance department. Students who are under the age of 18 are required to have permission to enroll from their parent or legal guardian. Only students that have completed the required documentation and placement testing prior to stated deadlines will be enrolled.


Each school division individually contracts with the College to offer dual enrollment courses, and in most instances, there is little or no actual cost to the student. If the student is required to pay tuition, the cost per credit hour at John Tyler Community College remains substantially less than most four-year institutions.

Placement Testing

Tests for high school dual enrollment course placement are administered at the College’s campuses or at the high school during the spring semester. Students wishing to enroll in the on-campus summer sessions or dual enrollment classes for the following school year should contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator to schedule testing. Students will need to have their college-assigned Student ID number available on the day of the test. Testing is administered on the computer, and calculators are not allowed. Certain accommodations may be made for students with documented disabilities. A Test Request Memo must be presented at the time of testing. You can find out more about placement testing at the College, by visiting our placement testing pages.

College Transcripts

Students may request a copy of their transcripts once their dual enrollment coursework is complete. Students can view unofficial transcripts through myTyler, or they can request an official transcript.

For more information:
Tracey Howell, Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Midlothian Campus - E110b
800 Charter Colony Parkway
Midlothian, VA 23114
Phone: 804-897-4172
Fax: 804-897-4175

High school students should contact their high school guidance counselors to determine their eligibility for placement in dual enrollment courses.


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