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The Arts at Tyler

Student painting a still life

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VCU Arts Transfer Information Session

Transfer Information Session

UPDATED SCHEDULE: Interested in transferring to VCUarts? Join VCUarts representative Colleen Marino for an information session Friday, March 5 at 11:00 a.m. to talk about everything VCUarts! From campus life, to a breakdown of the departments and degrees, as well as all of the amazing opportunities VCUarts has to offer!

Portfolio Reviews

Students also have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one portfolio review with a VCUarts Admissions Counselor. This is a unique chance to receive critical feedback and helpful advice on how to best prepare your portfolio for admission, as well as an opportunity to ask questions about the admission process.



2021 Foundation Art Award Finalists



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Explore. Grow. Do.

Make films. Produce plays. Take photos. Create print and web design pieces. Create art and show it. Museum-hop in New York with your classmates. Travel to Europe.

The arts at John Tyler are all about doing. And because studio classes are capped at 18 students, you'll get lots of individual attention. Courses are taught by practicing artists who are experts in their fields. Not sure where you want to go? Don't worry. John Tyler is a place built on experimentation. Whether you're intrigued by improv or InDesign, you'll get a foundation you can build on, and the chance to explore.

John Tyler students graduate to careers as working artists, or transfer to four-year institution. Our transfer success rate is excellent, and our graduates go on to some of the most prestigious arts programs in the country.

What do people like so much about John Tyler?

  • Our fine arts studio space, with its natural light and great ceramics facilities.
  • A robust collection of film and photo equipment.
  • Theatre productions: from sketch and improv to full-blown productions.
  • Extensive Macintosh labs with state-of-the-art design, web and video software and hardware.
  • Juried student art competitions.
  • A vibrant, nurturing arts community, with four active student arts clubs.
  • Instruction by expert working artists, at a fraction of the cost of four-year programs.
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Yearly museum-hopping trips to NYC.


Degrees and Certificates

John Tyler lets you choose the right certificate or degree to match your goals:

Performing Arts Degrees

  • Music, AFA
  • Theatre, AFA
  • Theatre, Technical Theatre Specialization, AFA

Visual Arts Certificates

  • Filmmaking, CSC
  • Fine Arts Certificate
  • Photography, CSC
  • Museum Studies, CSC

Visual Arts Degrees

  • Visual Arts, AAA
  • Visual Arts, Film Specialization, AAA
  • Visual Arts, Graphic Design Specialization, AAA
  • Visual Arts, Photography Specialization, AAA
  • Web Design, AAS New!

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The arts at John Tyler are all about doing, and vibrant student clubs offer a chance to do more: enter exhibitions, travel to places like New York and Europe, act in student productions, be a student leader, and more. All while building a sense of community outside the classroom. Among John Tyler Community College's student organizations are:

  • Art Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Improv Club


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