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Visual Arts Student Resources

The Visual Arts at Tyler offers many resources to help students succeed.



Get more work done with cnvenient open labs and studios.


Open Studios & Labs

Need to work on assignments outside of class time? Most Visual Arts classrooms have regular time available for students to use computers or studio equipment between classes. Appointments required for all open studio or lab time.


Book a Studio or Lab Appointment



Document your 2D and 3D work for free.


Portfolio Shoots

Capture professional quality images of your work now so that you'll be ready to take advantage of opportunities in the future. 2D and 3D work up to 3' in any dimension is welcome.

If you cannot make it to one of the Portfolio Shoots, check out the Visual Arts guide on digitizing your artwork at home.


Book a Portfolio Shoot Appointment



Student Exhibitions

Take every opportunity for your work to be seen.


Exhibition Opportunities

Show off your artwork. As a student at Tyler, there are numerous opportunities to exhibit your art online, on campus and in the community.

Instructors curate exhibitions of their students' artwork each semester. Throughout the year, Tyler's Literary Review, the Foundation Art Award, and the Tyler Gallery's Juried Student Art Show recognize student artists. Your instructor will also often announce additional exhibitions you may submit work to, as well as chances to collaborate on projects with classes in other disciplines, such as theatre, or outside organizations.





Visual Arts Guides

Digitizing Your Artwork

If you are taking art classes with an online component, you will need to occasionally photograph your assignments at home. There are several tips that you can use to present your work at its best with the equipment that you have.

Location Tips for Photography Students

This guide will help you know your rights and obligations as a photographer when taking photographs on campus and in other public places.

Device Considerations for Visual Arts Students

What type of computer or camera should you get for your classes? The answer depends a lot on your program and your personal goals and preferences.



Other Student Resources


Equipment Access

Often the tools used in making films and other forms of art can be expensive. If you would like to use equipment that you do not have in order to complete an assignment, talk to your instructor about options for accessing equipment outside of class time.


Academic Planing

Each program of study has a dedicated advisor that can help students plan for transfer and professional opportunities. Every art student's goals and circumstances are different. Your advisor can help you make the most of your academic time to achieve your own success story.



Book an Appointment

Use the form below to book open lab, studio or portfolio shoot appointments. Select a service to see its availability. The studio and lab appointments are one hour. In cases where you would like extra studio or lab time, resubmit the form for each increment needed. When prompted for your email, please use your VCCS address. Note: Visual Arts resources are open to current students only.

If you have trouble accessing the form above, you can access the Bookings page directly.



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