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High School Student

John Tyler Community College offers high school students two exciting ways to earn college credit while they are still in high school – concurrent enrollment and dual enrollment.

High school students who take regular college-level courses taught at John Tyler Community College’s Chester or Midlothian Campus are considered concurrently enrolled. Students who enroll in college-level courses taught at their high school are considered dual enrolled.

The college also offers two unique programs that allow high school students to earn a college credential at the same time as completing their high school graduation requirements, UpGrade and the Tyler Early College Academy. If you are interested in taking dual enrollment courses or learning more about these exciting programs, contact your high school guidance counselor.

To be eligible for dual or concurrent enrollment, you must fulfill standard admissions requirements at the College, as well as:

  • be a rising junior or senior
  • meet any applicable college placement testing requirements
  • earn a “C” or better in any prerequisite class and meet John Tyler Community College’s academic requirements for the course
  • obtain letters of permission from your high school principal, as well as your parent or guardian

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrently enrolled students take regular college-level courses taught at John Tyler Community College’s Chester or Midlothian Campus in addition to taking courses at their local high school. If you are a home-schooled student interested in concurrent enrollment, please read our admissions information for home-schooled students.

If you are interested in concurrent enrollment, you will need to complete the following steps for admission:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the important dates and deadlines for admission.

  2. If you are under the age of 17, you and your parent or guardian should attend a concurrent information session. E-mail Rachel Clouse at for information session dates and requirements.

  3. Apply online or pick up an Application for Admission.

  4. Take your placement tests (no appointment necessary).

    John Tyler Community College generally requires placement tests in English and mathematics for all new concurrently enrolled students.

    Eligible SAT, ACT or PSAT scores may also be used for placement purposes. You can find out more about testing requirements as well as testing dates and times on our Testing Centers page.

  5. Obtain letters of permission for concurrent enrollment from both your parent or guardian and your high school.

  6. Visit the Advising Center (no appointment necessary).

    When you come for your meeting, you will need to bring two letters with you: one from your parent(s) or guardian(s) and one from your high school that give you permission to be concurrently enrolled at JTCC and your high school. During your initial meeting, an advisor will talk about course options and help with your initial registration for classes. Please note that concurrently enrolled students cannot register for classes online.

  7. Pay your tuition and fees.

    John Tyler Community College does not generate bills for tuition and fees.  It is your responsibility to make sure you pay your tuition and fees by the deadlines listed at If you do not pay all tuition and fees by the appropriate date, you may lose some or all of your classes, referred to as having your classes “dropped.”

    You must pay all mandatory fees – student activity fee, technology fee and student parking fee at the same time. Partial payments (for example, paying for one class out of several classes or only paying a fractional amount of one class) are not sufficient to hold all classes.

    Tuition and fee payments may be made online through myTyler using a credit card. Payments can also be made in person via check, cash, or credit card at the Business Office located in Room A102 in Goyne Hall in Chester or Room B115 in the Administration Building in Midlothian. Please note that students who have not declared a major at Tyler are not eligible for financial aid.

  8. Purchase your textbooks.

    Textbooks for John Tyler Community College are available at .

For additional information on concurrent enrollment, contact the Admission and Records Office in Chester at 804-706-5220 or in Midlothian at 804-594-1544. You can also e-mail


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