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Non-High School Graduate

If you have not graduated from high school and do not have a GED, you will need to follow these steps for admission to John Tyler:

When your application is processed, a service indicator will be placed on your account, and you will not be able to register for classes until you have taken your placement tests and met with a counselor. Persons over the age of 18, with no high school diploma or GED may declare a major but will not be eligible for financial aid.


John Tyler Community College generally requires placement tests in English and mathematics for all new concurrently enrolled students.

Eligible SAT or ACT scores may also be used for placement purposes. You can find out more about testing requirements as well as testing dates and times on our Testing Centers page.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the important dates and deadlines for admission.

  2. Apply online or pick up an Application for Admission.

  3. Visit the Advising Center.
    During your initial meeting, an advisor will discuss Tyler's majors and help with your initial registration for classes using myTyler.

  4. Determine need for placement tests, and take test, if needed.

  5. Pay your tuition and fees.

    John Tyler Community College does not generate bills for tuition and fees. It is your responsibility to make sure you pay your tuition and fees by the deadlines listed at If you do not pay all tuition and fees by the appropriate date, you may lose some or all of your classes, referred to as having your classes “dropped."

    You must pay all mandatory fees – student activity fee, technology fee and student parking fee at the same time.  Partial payments (for example, paying for one class out of several classes or only paying a fractional amount of one class) are not sufficient to hold all classes.

    Tuition and fee payments may be made online through myTyler using a credit card. Payments can also be made in person via check, cash, or credit card at the Business Office located in Room A102 in Goyne Hall in Chester or Room B115 in the Administration Building in Midlothian.

  6. Purchase your textbooks.

    Textbooks for John Tyler Community College are available at


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