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What to Know as a New Student


  1. If you can, attend orientation.
  2. Check your college e-mail.
    Good stuff comes in your student e-mail, including:
    • Financial aid updates
    • Class information from your instructors
    • Reminders about college deadlines and dates
    • Closing and delay notifications
    • Notes from your faculty advisor
    • Details on student activities and opportunities

    Access your college e-mail in your myTyler account.

  3. Don’t go it alone.  See your advisor.
    Academic advisors can help you stay in track by providing:
    • Advice on class options and scheduling
    • Guidance on meeting your program’s requirements
    • Insight into different academic disciplines and careers
    • Help with the transfer process
    • Motivation and support
    • Recommendations for jobs and transfer applications

    To make the relationship work, spend time with your advisor. 

    Only students who have declared a major have a dedicated academic advisor. Not in a program of study? Learn more about declaring a major.

    If you have declared a major, you can find your academic advisor using this tutorial.

  4. Dates and deadlines matter.
    Your GPA and academic standing are important, and dates and deadlines can impact them. Use these tools, and be prepared:

    The academic calendar has dates for dropping and withdrawing from classes. (There is a difference.) Protect your GPA and financial aid eligibility, and add these dates to your calendar. The academic calendar also includes handy information like days the College is closed.

    The syllabus in each of your classes is also packed with relevant dates and deadlines. Keep it, and refer to it often.

    Finally, there is a general college calendar that includes event information, as well as the academic calendar.  (Hint: Tyler Mobile lets you easily save dates from the College calendar to your mobile device's calendar.)

  5. Get involved.
    Join a club. Work hard, and earn a spot in the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society.  Take classes through our international education program.

    Participate in student activities and events.  Have fun.  Find out why JTCC is not what you expect.

    Facebook,Twitter and Instagram are great ways to stay tuned in to what’s happening at Tyler.

  6. We’re here to help.
    Our vision statement is a “success story for every student,” and we try to live that idea every day. If you need help, these resources are available:

    24/7 Financial Aid and Student Accounts Support Center
    Academic advisors
    College catalogs
    Disabilities support services
    Librarians and online research capabilities
    myTyler help
    Safety and security information
    Student Handbook
    Student Information Center
    Testing Centers
    Transfer information
    Tyler Mobile app for Apple and Android

    Not finding what you need? Ask on our Facebook page, search our directory or use our list of offices and divisions to find the information or contacts you need.


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