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Donor Honor Roll

Our Generous Supporters

Our sincere thanks to the following donors who invested in Tyler between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

Trailblazer Society ($10,000+)

Altria Group
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
The Cameron Foundation
Capital One
Chesterfield County
CJW Medical Center
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Hungerford III
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Ledbetter
Metropolitan Health Foundation
Shelton Hardaway Short, Jr. Trust
Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission
Virginia Foundation for Community College Education
Wells Fargo Wealth Management
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. White

Tyler Society ($5,000 - $9,999)

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company
Ms. Nova N. Brady
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Commander
Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Mr.* and Mrs. John M. Comstock
Mr. Bryce D. Jewett, Jr.
National Student Clearinghouse
Petersburg Methodist Home For Girls Foundation
Dr. Edward "Ted" Raspiller
The Richmond Academy of Medicine Alliance Foundation, Inc.
Mr. William H. Talley III
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo D. Torres
Joan F. & William L. Van Arnam Fund of Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Mr. and Mrs. Jon H. VanCleave

President’s Society ($1,000 - $4,999)

Ms. Sandra Aderholt
American Society of Highway Engineers - Old Dominion Section
Amsted Industries Inc.
Amsted Rail
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Andrews
Mrs. Rachel Biundo
Brandermill Rotary Club
Ms. Tammy Colatruglio
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cole
Mrs. Sarah Cosby
Ms. Elizabeth Creamer
The Honorable Rosalyn R. Dance and Mr. Nathaniel A. Dance
Davenport & Company, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot T. Eliades
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Fiege
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Foca
Follett Higher Education Group
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Fulghum
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Glowatsky
Ms. Susan F. Grinnan
Mr. John L. Grohusky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Vandy V. Jones III
Mr. and Mrs. David McBride
Dr. and Mrs. John Kirn, Jr.
Dr. and Ms. Richard G. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Maddox
Mr. Kenneth W. Mesick
The Midlothian Ruritan Foundation Inc.
Mr. James Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Philip O'Connor
Patient First
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Preston
The Rotary Club of James River
Dr. John W. Summerville and Mrs. Danna E. Johnson
Swedish Match North America
VFW Post 2239 - Robert E. Lee Post
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Via
Virginia Asset Management

Burgundy & Gold Society ($500 - $999)

Atlantic Constructors, Inc.
Dr. Mikell W. Brown
Eliades & Eliades, P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Eliades
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hope
Mrs. Tracey R. Howell
John Randolph Medical Center
Mr. and Mrs. Will Jones
Mr. Greg Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manderbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Miller
Mr. Michael J. Murphy
Paypal Charitable Giving Fund
RealTime Accounting Solutions
Mr. William H. Talley V
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald O. White
William H. Talley & Son, Inc.

Founder’s Society ($250 - $499)

Anonymous (2)
Ms. Cynthia D. Ball
Ms. Tammie Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hagenmueller
Ms. Linda E. Hyslop
Ms. Rena M. Mallory
Mr. and Ms. Michael P. Mathieu
Ms. Traci L. Morris
Dr. Julie J. Ranson
Ms. Roberta T. Rock
Mr. Christopher J. Silvent
Mr. and Mrs. F. Nicholas Sollog III
Ms. Barbara L. Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walker
Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Jessica Will
Ms. Jill A. Woith

1967 Society (up to $249)

Anonymous (6)
Ms. Melody Aberg
Mr. Imad Abi-Falah
Mr. Emilio Acevedo
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Allanson
Mr. James H. Andre
Antoinette's Sweets Inc.
Ms. Michelle Atkinson
Ms. Marina Bagreev
Ms. Rose H. Baldwin
Ms. Gloria D. Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Barbour
Mr. Richard M. Barfield
Ms. Mary Barnett
Ms. Tonia M. Baylor
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Ms. Debra O. Blackwell
Mr. Peter A. Blake and Mrs. Mary Blanchard
Mr. Ian K. Bodkin
Mr. Carey Boehnlein
Ms. Mary Jane Bolling
Ms. Dianne Jones Bosher
Ms. Nancy C. Boswell
Mr. Clement Britt
Dr. Gena C. Britt
Ms. Lois A. Brockelman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bundrick
Ms. Larena S. Burno
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Busch
Ms. Katie Butler
Ms. Kathleen M. Calhoun
Mr. Thomas Cantone
Dr. Steven J. Carlisle
Ms. Jenny Carter
Ms. Xenia Castro
Mr. Michael Chaoul
Ms. Donna N. Charles-Koski
Ms. Julie C. Christmas
Mr. Andy Clark
Ms. Irene S. Claypool
Ms. Emily Clements
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Clemons
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Cline
Mr. Stephen Colicci
College Communicators Association of VA
Mr. David Cooper
Ms. LaVonn M. Creighton
Ms. Yolanda M. Crewe
Ms. Orris C. Crocker
Mrs. Joyce W. Crum
Ms. Allie Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Dail
Dr. Ellen R. and Mr. Jack W. Davenport
Mr. Alan W. Davis
Ms. Beverley M. Dew
Dr. Glenn DuBois
Mr. John R. Dugan
Ms. Sara Dunnigan
Ms. Doreen E. Edwards
Mr. Terrence L. Elrod
Ms. Pearl Evans-Shaw
Ms. Jenna Evers
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Faris
Mr. Andrew Farnsworth
Mr. Rick Farthing
Ms. Kayla Faulkner
Mr. Daniel B. Feagans
Mrs. Linda P. Fears
Mr. Colin F. Ferguson
Ms. Tiffany Ferrari
Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC
Mr. Michael J. Fleckenstein
Ms. Tandy Gaffney
Dr. Jennifer S. and Mr. Fred W. Gentry
Ms. Andrea L. Glaze
Ms. Constance Green
Mr. Harold Greer
Mr. Dwight A. Grissom
Ms. Karey H. Groome
Ms. Monica Hanzlik
Ms. Aretha R. Harris
Ms. Carolyn B. Harris
Ms. Crystal Harris
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Head
Mr. David Helper
Ms. Joyce L. Henley
Mr. James Hickman
Mrs. Mara M. Hilliar
Mr. and Mrs. Linwood S. Hines
Ms. Kim Hobart
Ms. Kelly Hockaday
Ms. Audrey D. Holmes
Mrs. Carrie Hung
Mr. Micol Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt
The Honorable Riley E. Ingram
Dr. Brian K. Jackson
Ms. Jennifer James
LTC and Mrs. Harry W. Johnson
Mr. Walter M. Johnson
Mr. William Johnson
Ms. Teresa Jolles
Mr. Bert Jones
Ms. Gwendolyn Jones
Ms. Pamela Jones
Mr. and Ms. Joseph T. Jordan
JTCC Nursing Faculty and Staff
JTCC Sociology Club
Mr. Deug Kang
Mrs. Judith J. Karnes
Ms. Lisa Kendrick
Ms. Carla J. Kimbrough
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Kling
Dr. and Mrs. John Koch
Mr. Thomas Paul Kvasnicka
Ms. Caroline Lane
Ms. Wanda L. Langford
Ms. Margaret E. Langley and Ms. Nancy Anne Thurston
Ms. Kimberly E. Lawrence
Dr. Christopher Lee
Mr. Robert C. Leinberger, Jr.
Mr. David  Lindsay
Mr. Charles Lippy
Ms. Kate Loomis
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Lowery
Mr. Ralph Lucia
Ms. Melanie MacDonald
Mr. Whitney A. Madere
Ms. Shannon A. Maitland
Ms. Suzan Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Martin
Ms. Lynn M. McGhan
Ms. Grace Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Moore
Mr. Robert L. J. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Preston Moore
Ms. Elizabeth J. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Morris
Mr. Cliff Mosby
Ms. Joann P. Mosman
Ms. Gladys Nieves
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Nolan
Dr. Larry A. Olanrewaju
Mrs. Ann W. Oliver
Mr. Michael Orr
Ms. Angela M. Orrell
Mr. John Orrock
Ms. Karen A. Overmeyer
Mrs. Laurie Owens
Ms. Tasha Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Ozmore
Ms. April Painter
Ms. Jill A. Painter
Ms. Juaine Paravati
Ms. Margaret W. Parrish
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parrott
Mr. Dennis Pasquantino
Mr. Jeffrey D. Pinion
Mr. Kenneth L. Pritchett
Mr. Alan C. Purvis
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Radecki
Mr. Salil K. Raje
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ramsey III
Mr. Steve Reckley
Dr. and Mrs. Pascal D. Renault
Mr. Charles Renninger
Mr. Edmond B. Reynolds, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret A. Robinson
Dr. Joyce M. and Mr. Colon Rowe
Dr. Edith P. Rudd
Mr. Mike Russell
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Sanborn
Ms. Greer D. Saunders
Ms. Meredyth Sauter
Mr. John Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Savedge, Jr.
Mr. David Scott
Ms. Tashia Scott
Mr. Darnell Scruggs
Ms. Jun Jun Shi
Mr. Alexander Smith, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Smith
Mr. Roy Smith
Ms. Terry L. Smith
Dr. Yvonne D. Smith-Jones
Dr. Ann and Mr. Michael B. Sorensen
Ms. Kelly Sorensen
Mrs. Penny L. Speidel
Mr. Larry J. Sprague
Ms. Katie Stanhagen
Ms. Nicole Stewart
Ms. Qadira Stewart
Ms. Rachel Strawn
Mr. Marvin E. Stuck
Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan
Ms. Kerrigan Sullivan
Mr. Steven J. Summerville
Ms. Marian L. Swift
Ms. Vicki Tanner
Mr. Brett E. Tavel
The Sollog Group, LLC
Mr. Paul F. Thompson
Mr. Thomas Toquothty
Mr. William L. Vaughan, Jr.
Verizon Foundation
Mr. David Vohlrath
Ms. Victoria Waldron
Mr. David E. Webb
Mr. Ronald L. Webb
Mr. Michael Weindling
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wilkins
Williams & Wharton Funeral Homes, LLC
Ms. Ann Y. Williams
Mr. James A. Williams
Mr. Jimmie Williams
Mr. Kenneth E. Williams
Ms. Pearlie G. Williams
Mr. James Williamson
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Willson
Ms. Christine Wilson
Mr. Robert Wynne
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Yarbrough
Ms. Meryl Yourish
Mrs. Susan G. Zachensky-Walthall
Ms. Jianhua and Mr. Wei Zhai

Legacy League

Membership in the Legacy League honors the friends who provided for Tyler in their estate plans. Tyler extends a special thank you to the following members:

Mr.* and Mrs. Homer C. Eliades
Mr. Kenneth W. Mesick
Dr. Carole D. Royall
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Via
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. White

Gifts in Kind

Gracie's Cottage
Dr. and Mrs. Roy I. Kaplan
Morrissett Funeral Home
Mr. Laurence F. Spiaggi


John Tyler Community College has taken every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. For inquiries, corrections, and information on making a gift, please contact Jessica Will at 804.594.1475 or


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