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College Closed November 3 - The college will be closed Tuesday, November 3 for Election Day. There will be no classes, and college offices will be closed for on-campus and remote services. Read more about this announcement.


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Foundation Scholarships

Is online learning for you? Read this scholarship brochure to learn more.

The John Tyler Community College Foundation offers scholarship opportunities exclusively for Tyler students. Some scholarships are general while others are for specific majors, for students who live in a particular locality, or for students demonstrating financial need.

Spring 2021 Scholarships

The Foundation scholarship application is now accepting applications for the Spring 2021 semester. The application period will close on November 13, 2020.

Apply Now!

How do I apply?

The Foundation scholarship application period is open yearly from February 1–April 15.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be a current or prospective student planning to attend Tyler during the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Earn a 2.5 minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA)
  • Enroll in a certificate and/or degree program at Tyler by the first day of the Fall 2020 semester. Explore your options.
  • Have in-state tuition status.

What do I need in order to apply?

Applicants are required to submit the following information: 

  • Complete all questions and sections of the online application by the deadline.
  • Request one letter of recommendation from a teacher, school counselor, advisor, or work supervisor. Recommendation writers will receive instructions on how to submit their recomendation online. Applicants are encouraged to request the recommendation well before the application deadline and to confirm receipt of their letter(s) of recommendation.
  • Write two essays. Tyler's Academic Resource Center can provide assistance with writing and proofreading essays. Essay topics are given in the application.
  • ​Submit an official high school or college transcript to the Foundation, if not currently attending classes at Tyler. If you are still in high school, submit the most recent transcript available.

Mandatory Scholar Events

Scholarship recipients are notified by August 1. Recipients are required to attend the following two events during the academic year:

  • Fall event: Scholarship Celebration Luncheon
  • Spring event: Foundation Scholarship Social

These events are designed to help scholarship recipients connect with each other and their scholarship donors. If a student does not attend these events, they may lose eligibility for their Foundation scholarship award. If a student changes or completes their program before the end of the academic year, but will continue taking classes at Tyler, they should contact the Foundation to determine future eligibility.


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