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Tuition Payment Plan

John Tyler Community College is pleased to provide the Tuition Management Systems (TMS) payment plan to help meet students’ educational expenses. The plan is administered by TMS, an outside company, and it allows students to pay tuition in monthly, interest-free payments for a small, non-refundable fee. There is no credit check or interest charged to participate in the payment plan. Payments are made automatically from the bank account (checking or savings) or credit card you specify. There is an additional fee assessed for using a credit card, and TMS only accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa.

Flexible Payment Options for Summer 2021

Payment Plan Options and Schedule

Down payments are immediate, and the agreement is binding. Once you have signed your TMS agreement, you must continue to make payments to TMS as outlined in your plan. Do not make payments directly to Tyler.

The deadlines to enroll in the payment plan that are listed below are NOT the same as John Tyler Community College’s tuition payment due dates.

How to Enroll in the Payment Plan

You must first register for classes before signing up for the payment plan. Students who choose to enroll in the payment plan will have contracts automatically initiated for the total amount of their current tuition and fees. Financial aid and third party payments cannot be factored in with the payment plan. You can enroll in the payment plan by creating an account with TMS or through the myTyler system. Applications can only be submitted online. 

Enroll on TMS Website
For technical assistance with enrollment, contact TMS at 1-800-337-0291

Enroll through myTyler
Once you’ve logged into myTyler and have registered for classes in SIS, you can apply for the payment plan through the SIS Self Service page. 
1. Go to and log on to myTyler using your username and password.
2. Select VCCS SIS > Self Service > Student Center.
3. Verify that TYLER is the college appearing under the finances section.
If TYLER does not appear, use the link under the Finances section to change your “User Preferences’: Institution: John Tyler Community College.
Click SAVE.
Click OK upon successful save.
4. Under the Finances section of the Student Center, use the summary screen to verify your charges then select Apply TMS Payment Plan. It will direct you to a landing screen with instructions on how to set up a payment plan. Access is also available through the Account Inquiry or Make a Payment links.

After a payment plan contract has been completed, classes associated with the contract will be held until full payment has been received from TMS. Periodically, contract balances will be automatically adjusted up or down to match changes in tuition and fee balances during general registration periods. Adding or dropping classes will change your TMS initial contract balance, and your installment payments will be adjusted accordingly. All requests to adjust contracts must be made through TMS. The FINAL date for any increases to plans for the spring 2021 term is March 11, 2021.

By applying for the plan you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions as noted above. Please read all terms and conditions carefully.

Contact the college payment plan coordinator at 804-706-5021 (Chester) or 804-594-1409 (Midlothian) for more information about the payment plan. Students may also contact TMS at 1-800-337-0291.

Commonly Asked Questions About the TMS Payment Plan

If you need additional information, please contact the John Tyler TMS representative at 804-594-1409.

Add/Drop Classes Adjustments
Changes to the TMS Agreement
Credit Card Payments
Down Payment
Enrollment and Enrollment Fee
Financial Aid Adjustment Questions
Missed Payment

Add/Drop Classes Adjustment

  1. I am adding a class, do I need to go back online and complete another agreement?

    No. If you add a class you should contact TMS at 1-800-337-0291 to inform them that you have added/dropped a class and need to have your TMS agreement adjusted. NOTE: If you complete another agreement, you will be assessed another enrollment fee.

  2. I dropped all my classes and already paid a down payment. When do I get my money back and when will my agreement be terminated?

    Refunds are issued by the College approximately 30 days after the last day of add/drop. It is your responsibility to contact the College and verify that your classes are dropped and that this information is reflected on your TMS agreement. Remember that the initial processing fee paid to TMS is non-refundable.

Changes to the TMS Agreement

  1. How far in advance do I have to notify the College of a need to adjust my plan in order to impact the next payment?

    Requests for plan changes must be made at least 12 business days in advance of the scheduled payment date. Changes or cancellations can only be made to monthly installments and not to initial down payments.

  2. I have changed my bank account and address. What should I do?

    You need to call TMS directly at 1-800-337-0291 to advise them any time you change your bank account, address, e-mail address, or phone number.

  3. I need to change my payment date. Can you help me?

    Payment dates are strictly on the 20th of the month, unless the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday. If the 20th should fall on a weekend or holiday, your payment will be attempted the following business day.

  4. I want to change from a checking account to a credit card. What do I need to do?

    If there are still payment options available through the payment plan, you will need to go back online and complete a new agreement. It is important to remember to call TMS at 800-337-0291 to terminate your current agreement. You will create a new agreement for the amount you owe. You will be assessed another non-refundable enrollment fee. Please remember you may also have to pay an immediate down payment as well.

  5. Is there a way for me to review my agreement online to make sure the proper adjustment has been made?

    Yes, when you receive your TMS agreement confirmation letter, there is information regarding how to register online and view your account.

Credit Card Payments

  1. Will I have to pay an additional fee if I use a credit card versus a checking account?

    Yes. TMS charges an additional fee (in addition to the enrollment fee and down payment fee) for credit card payments.

  2. How much is this fee?

    The amount of the fee varies based upon the amount of the payment agreement.

Down Payment

  1. How soon is my down payment due?

    Your down payment is due immediately. Please be sure the funds are available in your bank account when you enroll in TMS.

  2. I registered for the payment plan but decided to pay the College in full. Can I stop my down payment?

    No. The down payment is immediate, and TMS has no ability to stop the attempt. Once you have paid the College in full, we will be more than happy to terminate your agreement.

  3. I didn't realize I was short of funds in my account, and there will not be enough money in my account for the down payment. What will happen?

    If your down payment should return due to lack of funds, stop payment, or inaccurate banking account information, your agreement will be terminated. If an accurate e-mail address is provided, you will receive notification from TMS on what steps to follow.

Enrollment and Enrollment Fee

  1. Is it safe to enroll online?

    Yes. TMS ensures that all information is kept confidential by encrypting all data using the latest in technology.

  2. I don't have a checking account, savings account or a credit card. Can I still enroll in the program?

    No, you will need to open an account at a financial institution in order to enroll.

  3. When does my enrollment fee come out of my checking account?

    The TMS Management enrollment fee is automatically deducted or charged to your account within fourteen days of the agreement being posted to the TMS system.

  4. What will happen if I don't have enough money in my account for the enrollment fee?

    If you do not have enough money in your account to pay the enrollment fee, TMS will re-attempt to collect the fee from your account two times. If, after the third attempt, the enrollment fee is not processed successfully, your agreement will be placed on hold, and you will be notified by TMS. If you are not current with the enrollment fee by the last day of registration, you may be dropped from the payment plan.

Financial Aid Adjustment Questions

  1. My financial aid has come in; will TMS automatically adjust my plan?

    No. You will need to call TMS at 800-337-0291 and notify them of the amount of financial aid you received.  TMS does not receive notification of your financial aid award. It is your responsibility to confirm this information with TMS. TMS will confirm the change with the Financial Services Office.

  2. I have over-paid on my TMS plan. When will TMS send my refund?

    All refunds will be issued by the College. Refunds will not be issued until 30 days from the last day of add/drop.

  3. Will my financial aid award be affected by enrolling in this program?

    No. Initial awards that are made prior to the end of the add/drop period for each semester are based on projected full-time (12 credits or higher) enrollment. After that time, your award amounts will vary based on the number of classes you are actually registered for and will be reduced accordingly if you are not a full-time student.

Missed Payment

  1. I didn't have enough money in my account for the first payment, what will happen?

    You will receive notification from TMS on how the missed payment will be handled. If you missed your first payment, it will be reattempted on your next scheduled installment date. TMS will charge a $30 missed payment/non-sufficient funds fee to your account the day after the re-attempt of your tuition payment. Please be aware that your banking institution may also charge an additional fee.

  2. Why was I dropped from the TMS plan?

    If TMS notified you that you were no longer on the TMS plan, it was because you were not current on one of the following items: tuition payments, enrollment fee, or missed payment fees. You must be current on all items or you may be dropped from the program.

For more information on the TMS tuition payment plan, contact the John Tyler representative at 804-706-5021.


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