Scholarship Fundraiser

Enjoy a delicious lunch and help raise money for the PTK-BOO scholarship!  On Thursday, March 20th from 11-1p.m. BOO will host a scholarship fundraiser by selling BBQ sandwiches outside the student lounge in Hamel hall.


The “foodraiser” will consist of:

  • Pulled BBQ pork or chicken sandwiches- $5.00
  • Sandwich combo (chips and soda)- $8.00
  • Brownies- $1.50
  • Cash only

This event is sponsored by the Flyin’ Pig.  Half of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly to funding the PTK-BOO scholarship fund.  This scholarship provides $500 to a deserving BOO student for textbook purchases.  To learn more about the scholarship or how to apply, please contact Molli Channell or Dr. John Kirn.

If you are interested in volunteering time towards this event, please contact any officer or advisor.  We hope to see all the BOO members come out to support this worthy cause!

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