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Graduation Deadlines and FAQs

John Tyler Community College Graduation Deadlines

Graduation Semester

Deadline to Receive a Review Report

Final Day to Apply (Review Report Not Issued)


June 15

October 15


September 15

February 15


February 15

June 15

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a review report?

    A review report outlines which courses you need to complete in order to graduate in your major. The Office of Admissions and Records will send the report if you have applied by the review report deadline. The review report only assesses the information that Admissions and Records has. If you have discussed possible course substitutions with your academic advisor, have taken classes elsewhere, or have questions regarding your major, make sure your advisor is aware of this information. Only your faculty advisor and dean can approve waivers/substitutions.

    Remember that you graduate under the requirements that were effective the semester you declared your major. If there are additional requirements or changes in your major when you apply for graduation, you are responsible for completing these courses.

  2. Can I apply for graduation if I have not declared a major?

    No. You must be presently active in the major listed on your graduation application and have been assigned to a faculty advisor. Admissions and Records cannot process your graduation application if you have not declared a major. Check the Student Information System in myTyler for your degree information.

  3. Can I apply to receive a certificate or career studies certificate while I am enrolled in the associate degree program?

    If you have completed a Certificate or Career Studies program, but still must complete requirements for the Associate Degree program, you can obtain your Certificate or Career Studies Certificate before you finish the Associate Degree. Please review your program requirements, complete a graduation application with your faculty advisor for the Certificate or Career Studies Certificate program, and submit the application by the appropriate deadline. When you submit your graduation application, inform the graduation coordinator that you are pursuing your Associate Degree but wish to receive your Certificate or Career Studies Certificate in the meantime.

  4. What happens after I turn in my graduation application?

    A review report will be sent to students who turn in their graduation application by the deadline to receive a review. The report is mailed to the address on file in the Student Information System (SIS) approximately two weeks prior to the next registration period for the upcoming semester.

    You will not receive a review report from Admissions and Records if you did not meet the review report deadline. It is your responsibility to make sure you have satisfied all required courses or substitutions needed for graduation. If you have discussed a waiver or substitution of a class with your advisor, have transfer coursework from another institution to be evaluated, or have completed a certification (CPR card, OSHA 10 card etc.), you will need to make sure all of the necessary documentation is submitted to Admissions and Records by the appropriate deadline.

  5. How can I view my academic progress in my current major?

    Log into myTyler, and click on SIS: Student Information System, select Student Center. Under Academics, select My Academics, then View My Advisement Report. Choose John Tyler Community College as the Academic Institution. Select view then view report in PDF. Requirements not satisfied will appear in bold red font. If you have questions regarding your degree progress, please see your faculty advisor.

  6. If I move, change my name, or change my phone number what should I do?

    If you change your address or phone number, you need to update that information in SIS: Student Information System in myTyler. This ensures that all mailings, including commencement information and diploma pick-up, reach you in a timely manner. Note that if a diploma or certificate is returned to the College due to an insufficient or incorrect address, the college will not attempt to mail the diploma or certificate again once the address has been updated. It is your responsibility to arrange to pick up the diploma or certificate at the Chester campus (see #7 and #8).

    If you have a name change, you must come to the Admissions and Records Office at either Chester or Midlothian to complete the paperwork and provide proof of your name change. A driver’s license, marriage/divorce decree, social security card or documentation from the court are all acceptable forms of proof. Please also notify the graduation coordinators so that your degree name is updated accordingly if your diploma has not already been ordered.

  7. How long does it take to receive my diploma?

    Graduation is not processed until after the semester has ended, grades are received, and waiver substitution forms have been reviewed and processed. It takes approximately 30 working days to process all graduation applications after the graduation date for each semester. After this process is complete, Admissions and Records will order diplomas. The vendor has approximately one month from the time of receipt to process the diploma order.

    Once the diplomas arrive, the Office of Admissions and Records will notify you via mail of the times during which you may pick up your diploma. You must show a photo ID to receive your diploma.

  8. What happens if I do not pick up my diploma or want someone else to pick up the diploma for me?

    If you would like another individual (designee) to pick up your diploma, you must provide a written letter of permission to that person. This document must include your printed name, signature, student ID number, date, name of your designee, and nature of the request (giving your designee permission to pick up your diploma). When picking up the diploma, your designee will need to present the letter of permission and show their photo ID.

    If your diploma is not picked up within the designated timeframe, it will be mailed to the current address in the SIS: Student Information System in myTyler. While we take every precaution to ensure the optimum condition of your diploma, we cannot guarantee its condition once it has been forwarded to the U.S. Postal Service.  If the U.S. Postal Service cannot deliver the diploma, students should contact Admissions and Records as it may have been returned to the college. If you do not receive your diploma and it is not returned to the college, it is the student’s responsibility to request a replacement. Replacement diplomas cost $10 and are ordered at the end of each graduation cycle.

  9. When can I expect to receive a letter about commencement?

    If you marked “yes” to participating in the commencement ceremony, you will be mailed and/or e-mailed a letter in late March. We graduate students at the end of each semester; however, there is only one commencement ceremony, which takes place in May. The dean of students will send a letter that containing details about ordering caps and gowns, as well as information about the ceremony.

  10. If I participate in the ceremony in May, and I’m a spring graduate, will I receive my diploma at the ceremony?

    No, as previously stated in #7, all diplomas are ordered after graduation status is confirmed. Therefore, spring diplomas are not ordered until June. You will receive a diploma cover upon crossing the stage at the Commencement ceremony.

  11. What if I need proof of graduation prior to receiving my diploma?

    You would need to order an official transcript. You may come in person to complete the Transcript Request form at the Admissions and Records office and pay the $3 per copy fee.  Please select the option on the request form that states “Send after my graduation is posted.” The transcript will be mailed to the address that you indicate on the request, or you may pick it up on a future date after your graduation status has been posted. You will need to present a picture ID at the time of pick-up. You also have the option of mailing in a written request, along with a check or money order for $3 per transcript. Please be sure to include your name, student ID number, the number of transcripts you are requesting, and the address where you would like your transcript forwarded. Alternately, you can order official transcripts online by going to, the online Parchment fee is $5.50 and can be sent electronically or via US Postal Service.

    If you need an unofficial transcript, you may log into myTyler, click on SIS: Student Information, select Academic Records, and View My Unofficial Transcript. Choose John Tyler Community College as Academic Institution, Unofficial Transcript under Report Type, and click the Go button. If your graduation has been posted, you will see it printed at the beginning of your transcript under “Degrees Awarded.”

  12. If I am unsuccessful with my graduation attempt, do I complete another application to apply for a future semester?

    Yes, you are responsible for submitting a new graduation application reflecting the semester in which you plan to graduate. The application should be signed by your faculty advisor and include an advising transcript.

    If you are a spring candidate who has withdrawn from your coursework and are no longer eligible to graduate, please inform the graduation coordinator so that your name will be removed from the list for commencement mailings.

  13. If I am a summer graduate, can I march in the ceremony in May prior to my summer graduation?

    No. You must complete all of your requirements before participating in the ceremony. If you complete your courses during the summer semester, you will be eligible to participate in the following May ceremony. Only those students who submit an application and complete all requirements by the end of the preceding summer, fall, or spring semesters are eligible to participate in the May ceremony.

  14. What if I would like to declare a new major after graduating from my current major?

    You should see an Academic Advisor in the Advising Center at any time during your graduation term, or after you graduate, in order to complete the appropriate paperwork. If you have not yet graduated, please inform the Academic Advisor that you are a graduate candidate in your current major, and that you would like to pursue a new major after you graduate. The Academic Advisor will assist you in completing the Program Placement paperwork, and will submit the form to the Graduation Coordinator.

    If you have already graduated, then you would need to meet with an Academic Advisor to declare your new major. Please note that the VCCS mandates that any new majors must differ from your previous major by at least 25% in credit requirements. This means that 25% of your new major must be satisfied by courses that were not used in your previous major. Please mention your previous major/degree to the Academic Advisor when you meet with them to declare a new major so that they can determine if you are eligible for the second major.


For more information on graduation, please visit our Graduation page.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Graduation Coordinators at


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