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Student Activities Forms and Documents

Application for Student Organization

For students interested in starting a student group you will need to do the following:

  1. Find a faculty or staff advisor
  2. Have at least 6 students interested in joining the student club
  3. Host an unofficial club meeting to vote on club officers
  4. Complete application to include faculty advisor, signatures of 6 interested students, and club constitution.

After the submission of the completed Application For Student Organization the Student Government Association (SGA) will review and vote on the club constitution. This process can take up to 2 months. Once the club constitution is passed by the SGA, your club will be officially recognized as a JTCC Student Club or Organization.  If the SGA denies your constitution, the SGA will provide the potential club suggestions to make to your club constitution.

Faculty and Staff Advisors

Learn more about the responsibilities of being a faculty/staff advisor to a student organization.

Budget Proposal Form

The Budget Proposal Form is a required form for all student clubs and organizations to turn in at the beginning of the academic year (August/September) to the SGA. For new clubs, please submit the request form after being approved by the SGA as a recognized student club. The form is used for student clubs to request the amount of funds they expect to use during the academic year or a particular semester.

Fundraiser Proposal

Submit a completed copy of the Fundraiser Proposal form at least 2 weeks prior to fundraiser to the Office Of Student Activities.

Request For Expenditure

Submit the Request for Expenditure at least one month prior to the event date in order to utilize any student activities funds allocated by the College for your club.  Purchases must be made in advance of planned events.  If this is a request for additional funds outside of your allocated yearly budget, please attach a cover letter that outlines the reason this expenditure was not included in the annual budget request, fundraising events planned to help offset the cost, any additional pertinent information, etc.  Exceptions are rare, since each organization is allocated funds each fiscal year.

Club Deposit Form

The club deposit form need to be signed off by the Student Activities Coordinator. The club advisor or one of the club officers will then deposit funds with the business office. The club will then need to provide a copy of the signed deposit slip by the business office to the Student Activities Coordinator. Copies can be sent via email or delivered in-person.

Field Trip Authorization Forms

Code of Conduct for Travel

Field Trip Authorization  PDF
Waiver of Liability Form PDF

Complete Field Trip Authorization forms at least 2 weeks prior to the student club field trip. Each participant will need to complete a field trip authorization form before departing for the field trip. Advisors are responsible for collecting authorization forms. Advisors will need to leave one copy of each liability form on campus and take one copy on the field trip.

Student Activities Check Request Form

The Student Activities Check Request Form is to be used for reimbursement from individual club accounts. Club members cannot be reimbursed from student activities funds. Student activities funds must be utilized in advance of an event.

Student Athlete Form

If you are participating on any John Tyler Community College Intramural Team, please complete the Student Athlete Form.  The form must be completed in its entirety  for a JTCC student to participate in any intramural sport involving John Tyler.



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