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Student Clubs & Organizations

A great way to get involved at Tyler is by joining a club, organization, interest group, or joining an Intramural Sports Team! If you are interested in joining a club or organziation, please feel free to email a club leader or sponsor. Want to start your own organziation? Feel free to email us at

All club and organization meeting times are located on the main Tyler Calendar

Survey for graduating club and organization leaders can be found here.


Table of available student clubs and organizations.


Club Contact information
Anime Club

In the past the Anime Club has attended Comicon events!

Richard Hoeser
Art Club

The Art Club of Tyler provides students in the Visual Arts Program as well as all students, faculty, staff and the greater community exposure to the arts in all forms.

Colin Ferguson
Paula Winn
Chess Club (

Promoting the world of chess to Tyler students, faculty and staff. 

Scott Meredith
College Republicans

College Republicans is Tyler’s student-led college chapter of the College Republican National Committee.

Dr. Larry Olanrewaju

Criminal Justice @ Tyler Mike Sorensen


Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

The Gay-Straight Alliance is Tyler's student-led organization intended to nurture a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning individuals, as well as cisgender heterosexual allies.

Kerrigan Sullivan
Paula Winn
Gaming Club

Richard Hoeser

Human Services Club

The Human Services Club brings together like-minded Tyler students who are interested in working in the human services field following their time at Tyler.

Dr. Yvonne Barry and
Dr. Christine Diggs
JTCC American Welding Society Matthew Gross
History Club

The History Club brings history awareness to Tyler students.

Greg Hansard
Honor & Distinction:  Black Student Alliance

Tyler’s Black Student Alliance provides leadership opportunities, social gatherings, mentoring and community service opportunities.

Ben Rogers
International Student Organization Thomas Parrot
Pablo De La Llave
Latin American Culture Club

The Latin American Culture Club works to promote and establish relationships with Tyler students who are interested in Latin American culture.

Patricia Silva- Santisteban
Neurodiversity Student Group

The Neurodiversity Student Group promotes a socially inclusive environment that promotes awareness of neurodiversity.

Mark Miller
Heather Atkinson
Haley Rivenbark

Young Entrepreneurs

(formerly Phi Beta Lambda)

This organization helps students pursuing a business degree transition to the professional world following graduation.

Carolyn Harris
Philosophy Club

Tyler students can pursue wisdom while having fun.

Samantha Emswiler
Programming Club

The Programming Club brings like-minded individuals together to complete various programming projects and gain computer-science related experience.

Brenda Miller
Andrew Tjokro
Rotaract Club

Tyler’s Rotaract Club provides opportunities for students to enhance knowledge and skills that will assist in personal development; to address the physical and social needs of communities; and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

Sean Castleberry
Sociology Club

Tyler’s Sociology Club seeks students who are interested in expanding and applying their knowledge of the social sciences. The group organizes the annual JTCC Social Science Research Expo and coordinates activities that bring people together from different backgrounds to share experiences and work toward common goals.

Michael Rutz
S.T.E.M. – H Club

The S.T.E.M. – H Club meets on a regular basis for students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Health-related fields and activities.

Patricia Silva- Santisteban
Cathleen McCarthy-Burke

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association was established to encourage students to take an active role in college life and activities. SGA provides each student with a voice in student affairs. Elections are held every September of the new school year.

Jevonte Blount Che Boisseau

Student Nurses Association Therese Willoughby
Student Veteran’s Organization (SVO)

Tyler’s Student Veterans Organization meets on a regular basis to enhance the college experience of veterans; exchange ideas; engage in military-related service projects; build on past or present military experiences to further current educational pursuits, and impact surrounding communities.

Michael Murphy
James Evins
Theatre Club

The Theatre Club promotes theatre and theatrical performances at Tyler.

Kerrigan Sullivan

THRIVE is Tyler’s nondenominational student-led ministry. THRIVE holds worship nights, open mic nights, community service events and more.

Brenda Miller

Timothy Armstrong


Sally Robinson
Kyler Roundtree

Women in STEM

Tyler’s Women in STEM club works to increase awareness on campus of the challenges faced by minorities in STEM and to encourage and support underrepresented groups in STEM fields.

Jennifer Pettyjohn
Yarn Club

Yarn Club brings together like-minded individuals to imbue joy and hope in the world with fiber, one stitch at a time. The Yarn Club supports local charities near the Tyler campuses.

Suzanne Sherry


Honorary Organizations (recognize high levels of academic achievement)

Recreational Organizations (promote recreational activities and/or sports-oriented programs)



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