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ITE 115 Test Out Challenge Exam

What is the ITE 115 Test Out Challenge Exam?

The ITE 115 Test Out Challenge Exam allows students to test out of ITE 115: Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts, a required course in several majors at John Tyler Community College.

Who is eligible to take the ITE 115 Test Out Challenge Exam?

Students must have declared a major at John Tyler Community College to take the exam. Students not enrolled at JTCC are not eligible. Dual enrollment students who want to take the exam must have prior approval from the coordinator of Dual Enrollment.

What is the cost of an ITE 115 Test Out Challenge Exam?

Students purchase the SAM Assessment code from the bookstore to take the exam. The cost is approximately $33.50, and it is subject to change. Students who have a Cengage Unlimited account can access the SAM Challenge test out through Cengage. Students using financial aid can purchase the SAM access card when financial aid is open for the bookstore. 

Where is the ITE 115 Test Out Challenge Exam taken?

Students who have purchased the SAM Assessment code from the bookstore must contact Mr. Sam Benke at before taking the exam. Mr. Benke will add the student to the ITE 115 Test Out Challenge Canvas course for them to take the exam remotely. The exam will be administered through Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser.  A photo ID is required. Students will also have access to the practice test once they're added to the Canvas course. 

If you are not able to take the exam remotely due to technical or connectivity issues, you will need to bring the access code to the Testing Center on the Chester or Midlothian campus to take the exam. Mr. Benke will inform the testing center to set up in-person testing for you. For in-person testing, an appointment is required and must be scheduled at least two business days in advance. Appointments should be scheduled no later than 4:00 PM using the registration form below. The test cannot be taken during College mid-term and final exam periods.

What should I know in advance about the test and the credit earned?

The test lasts two hours and consists of approximately 125 questions and tasks related to computer concepts, Windows, the Internet, e-mail, file management, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint (Microsoft Office 2013/Office 365).

The required score to pass the exam for credit is 80%. Students who pass receive three credits by examination at JTCC. This credit does not transfer as course credit to other institutions, and no grade is recorded on your academic transcript.

Can the ITE 115 Test Out Challenge Exam be taken more than once?

No. Students may attempt the Challenge Exam one time.

What if I want to earn credit for ITE 115?

The CLEP exam for ITE 115 allows you to earn transfer credit for ITE 115.  To learn more or evaluate the best option for you, talk to your faculty advisor or an academic/career advisor in the Advising Center

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